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Safety Issues With Accordion Style Baby Gates

An accordion style baby gate is meant to keep children out of the home, but it can lead to safety issues if the gates are not made properly. Older accordion style baby gates and V-shaped gates are especially dangerous, as they can cause head entrapment if they are not made properly. Luckily, newer versions of these gates have a filler bar or rail across the top. While the consumer product safety commission is working on an industry standard to prevent injuries caused by these gates, it remains to be seen if these gates are really safe or not. fireplace gate for toddlers

The safety issue with accordion style gates is that the large openings can become a choking hazard for young children. There have been many injuries and deaths caused by this style of gate, and many manufacturers have been forced to recall them. The Commission also has recommended that consumers avoid these gates for safety reasons, and several have been recalled in the last few years. For the time being, there are few alternatives to this dangerous product. jogging double stroller

However, a pressure-mounted gate should not be used for stairs, as they can trap a baby’s head. They should be used in places where falling is not a risk. Moreover, you should avoid using these gates if your baby learns to climb the stairs. If you do, you should keep the gate secured when not in use. If you are not sure about its safety, you can look for an accordion style baby gate that does not have any gaps or notches to prevent it from falling down.

While an accordion style baby gate can be very cute and functional, it is also important to choose the right frame for your home. Make sure the frame is made from sturdy material to prevent a toddler from falling down and causing injuries. Also, choose between hardware-mounted and pressure-mounted gates. In general, pressure-mounted gates are better for doorways and staircases. And remember to keep the height of the gate in mind while purchasing an accordion style baby gate.

The Safety 1st Ready to Install Gate is easy to install. You will only need to drill 10 screws into the wall and then screw the brackets holding the latch and hinges. Despite being easy to install, this gate may have a few problems. Firstly, the screws should be spaced out so they are not too close to each other. Secondly, the latch could get stuck and cause a safety hazard if the screws are too far apart.

Older accordion style gates often do not have a horizontal filler bar in the top. They have diamond-shaped spaces between the slats and a V-shaped opening at the top. Newer versions of accordion style gates have a horizontal rail across the top which makes them safe. It is best to choose a modern, safe style that meets the latest ASTM standards. You can also get a free version of an accordion style gate at flea markets.