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How to Choose a Baby Door Gate

If you’re a parent who’s worried about your child’s safety, you might want to consider a baby door gate. This is a handy product to have around your home when you have young children or visit older relatives. Besides preventing access to dangerous objects and materials, a baby door gate will also help you prevent accidental falls. Read on for more tips on how to choose the perfect baby door gate. Hopefully, you’ll have more confidence in the product you choose to keep your baby safe. wood stove baby fence

The most important thing to look for when shopping for a baby door gate is its locking mechanism. Look for one that has a childproof lock. Many gates have a simple lift or button lock, which is easy for a child to unlock, and will only be a problem once your child begins to crawl or climb. It’s better to size up to prevent a potential mishap. It’s also important to choose a gate that will fit the openings in your home. double stroller with sit and stand

You should also consider whether your pet might climb over the gate. Some gates have vertical bars that will prevent your pet from climbing over them. If you have small dogs or cats, you’ll probably want to purchase a baby gate with a hold open feature, but make sure your pet won’t climb over it. If your pet has trouble climbing over the gate, consider getting one with a locking mechanism that keeps it closed when the baby isn’t there.

If you have a narrower doorway, consider installing an extra-wide gate. A doorway with a width of 30 inches can be safely fenced off with this product. Moreover, extra-wide baby gates are ideal for separating the toddler and the adults’ play areas. Parents who have narrower doorways can use these gates to secure double-wide staircases and open kitchens. Parents also praise the product’s fast and easy installation.

While pressure-mounted baby gates can be attached to walls using drywall or plaster, they’re not recommended for stairs. In addition, they pose a greater risk of falling. Therefore, hardware-mounted baby gates are the safest choice for stairs. Unlike pressure-mounted baby gates, these gates are usually attached to walls with screws, which makes them ideal for staircases. They also feature a double-locking mechanism so that the child can easily pass through the gate.

The type of gate you choose should be appropriate for your home’s size. It should be wide enough to block the area, including the top of stairs. Do not purchase accordion-type gates, because these are unsafe. Their diamond-shaped openings and wide Vs at the top are likely to trap a baby’s head, causing a choking hazard. Always check for ASTM/JPMA certification on any baby door gate you purchase.