baby gate around peloton

Baby Gate Around Peloton

If your child is riding a bike with a Peloton, you may want to install a baby gate around it. A baby gate is designed to block the child’s access to the bike’s resistance knob, which makes the pedals unmovable. This prevents them from standing on them and causing injury. However, it is important to note that the baby gate is not completely effective. It will not prevent objects from falling under the bike while it’s in use. fireplace child safety gate

The Peloton Tread+ is safe when used properly, but you should still use a baby gate around it. As with any other piece of equipment, there are risks involved. Keep children, pets, and other objects away from the machine. If possible, schedule workouts when your children are asleep or have someone else watch them while you work out. When you’re done working out, you can use a baby gate around the Peloton to prevent your child from accessing the fitness equipment. jogging double stroller