baby gate extension

How to Choose a Baby Gate Extension

When you’re looking to increase the height of a baby gate but don’t want to sacrifice the security of your baby, an extension is the ideal solution. The extension pad comes with a soft rubber backing and stabilizes the gate against the wall. This product is also compact and very versatile. A baby gate extension should be placed where the child cannot reach the gate, but the pad is removable for easy cleaning. Here’s how to choose an extension: safety gate for fireplace

There are many types of baby gate extension available. You can buy panels that will extend a gate from a standard size to a wide, high extension. For example, the BabyDan Danamic gate can be extended by 3 Extend-A-Gate panels. The BabyDan ASTRA gate can be extended by an extension panel in either a 32 or 64.5 cm size. The Extend-A-Guard is an extension panel for a BabyDan ALMA gate. best double stroller for travel

To add extra length to a baby gate, you can purchase an extension pad. Most of these extensions come with two lengths – a short extension for the hinge side and a longer extension for the handle/lock side. These extensions will add approximately one inch to the width of your gate. You should mount them according to instructions so that they fit snugly to your gate. The manufacturer guarantees the safety of these products. Aside from being versatile and safe, baby gate extensions also come with JPMA and ASTM certifications.

Usually, the baby gate extension frame is made of wood or plastic. These gates have two wooden frames that slide past each other. These frames are adjustable and can be purchased in various sizes and shapes to fit a variety of doorways. It is important to know that the size of your doorway can determine the size of the gate. The gate should be as wide as the width of the doorway. If you don’t know the size of the opening, you can purchase an extension for it.