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Installing a Baby Gate Around a Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your home, consider installing a baby gate. A walk-through gate is a great option for this purpose, as it allows easy access to the area and prevents tripping. You should choose one that is designed for your specific fireplace, as every home has different dimensions. If you’re using a gas fireplace, you can install the gate closer to the fireplace. However, remember that the gas fire can be dangerous for small fingers, so you should keep your baby well away. four panel fire place gate

Pressure-mounted fireplace gates are another option. Pressure-mounted baby gates require no screws or drills, making them easy to install. The downside of a pressure-mounted baby gate is that you may not be able to move it as easily as a hardware-mounted one. A hardware-mounted fireplace gate is also more sturdy. A baby gate should be placed at least 30 inches away from the fire. A good rule of thumb when installing a fireplace gate is to keep the fireplace well away from children to prevent accidents. tandem double stroller

A baby gate for a fireplace will help keep your child safe while you’re entertaining. While it won’t completely keep your child from the fire, it will keep them out of the smoke and ash. You can also install a safety bumper to keep your child from crashing into the hearth. If you don’t want to purchase a gate for your fireplace, consider installing a bench cover and pillows. Your child will love the cozy reading nook.

An extra-wide baby gate will look stylish in your play area and provide protection for your toddler. A customizable metal construction will withstand the high temperatures of the fireplace. The extra-wide gate will fit a six-foot hearth and is available with extra-wide doors. The gate is also free-standing, and comes with the necessary mounting hardware. However, if you don’t plan on using it around a fireplace, you can still use it as a room divider when you’re not entertaining.

Another great way to protect your family from the dangers of carbon monoxide is by installing a carbon monoxide detector. Every home with a fireplace should have a Carbon monoxide detector. Because carbon monoxide is transparent and odorless, it’s easy to miss the warning signs, but a CO detector can help alert you when the levels reach dangerous levels. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a fireplace that is dangerous for your baby.

A fireplace baby gate can keep your child from playing with the fire, or simply restricting access to the area. This type of gate is lightweight, and auto-locking. A super-long gate has more panels than the standard multi-panel gate. It can be adjusted for the perfect fit around a fireplace hearth. A long gate is also convenient if you have an expansive entrance or doorway. You can adjust the length of the gate as needed to keep your child safely confined.