baby gate for camper bunk

Baby Gate For Camper Bunk

If you’re planning to install a camper bunk, you’ll need to consider a baby gate. Luckily, there are many options on the market. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a range of colors and styles. Some are easy to install, while others require a little more work. Here are some options: baby gates around fireplace

Tension style gates are great for corner bunks, but they can pose a challenge if you’re trying to secure the gate to the top and bottom of the bunk. Some RVers get creative and install a baby gate on both sides of the bunk. You can either mount it on the top or bottom, or you can use a flexible bracket that stretches across both walls. A tension-style gate will not look like a prison! best double stroller for travel

Alternatively, you can install a regular bed guard. Some bunks require a larger gate than others. Before installing a gate, measure the opening and get a wooden one that fits. Make sure it is fitted correctly so that the baby won’t be able to crawl through. You can also cut it to fit the opening. This way, you can make sure your child doesn’t get stuck between the bunks.

Another type of gate is a retractable one. The retractable version is useful for campers as it won’t collapse. They can be used in different rooms and are great for preventing play-ins when your camper is parked in the backyard. A retractable one is perfect for larger rooms or even as a playpen. But if you want to block the entire space, you’ll need a larger gate.

In addition to a baby gate, RV cabinet locks can help protect your child from gaining access to the bathroom or refrigerator. Moreover, a toilet latch prevents your child from accidentally throwing things into the black tank. Finally, a first aid kit with baby-specific products can help you in case of an emergency. Since every RV presents its own unique risks to a baby, you should always be vigilant, especially in the first few trips.

Choosing a low-profile crib can also make the transition into a nursery easier. The low-profile crib is also much less likely to move around when you’re moving. If space is an issue, you may want to consider a mid-bunk model with a nursery underneath. You can even hide the nursery with a mid-century style dresser. And if you have space, a convertible mid-bunk can double as a toddler bed.