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Choosing a Baby Gate For Stairwell

You’ve decided to purchase a baby gate for your stairwell. But how do you choose the right gate? Here are a few tips. Choose one that has an adjustable width and has a latch and clip that are secure. Look for features such as step-free opening and easy one-handed closing. When shopping for a stair gate, make sure to check the dimensions of your staircase and the width of the door frame. fire gate for fireplace

When buying a stair gate, make sure you purchase one with hardware mounting, because these will fit your stairs. While installing a hardware-mounted gate, remember to take into account your child’s height. If your child grows, a larger gate will be more appropriate. Purchasing a stair gate is also an excellent way to protect your home from accidents. Choose a baby gate that fits your staircase, and enjoy peace of mind. double stroller with sit and stand