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Three Baby Gates

Before you head out to buy a baby gate, there are few things you should keep in mind. You must acknowledge the fact that no product can satisfy all your requirements. Every parent has a unique situation and there is not a single product to meet all their needs. That is why you should identify your priorities. Here are a few questions you must ask yourself:

  • Will the staircase be used frequently? Do you have many members in your family, who would access the staircase throughout the day? If yes, you require a baby gate that can be opened/closed quickly.
  • Do you carry heavy things up the staircase? If yes, you require a baby gate that can be accessed easily, even with a single hand.
  • Do you wish to protect the staircase and another adjoining room? If yes, you require a baby gate that is longer than the traditional ones.
  • Do you want a stylish baby gate that blends with your interiors? Most of the time, looks wouldn’t matter. After all, the baby gate is meant to protect your child!

After so much research, we have identified three products that should meet most of your needs.

The Summer Infant Banister and Stair Gate with Dual Installation KitYou will find the Summer Infant Banister and Stair Gate in major retail outlets like Lowes, Target, Home Depot and Amazon. The product is carefully designed for babies between 6 and 24 months.

The baby gate is sold with an exquisite dual installation tool kit. The ultimate aim of this product is to ensure that your baby is safe. It offers parents the peace of mind that their children are kept in a safe place, until they crawl and start walking.

This product can be used in multiple places. It offers banister to banister installation. In fact, you can use the baby gate near doorways too. It is designed to cover openings that are as big as 32 x 48 x 33 inches.

The Benefits

  • To begin with, the product is highly versatile. If you are looking for a gate that can be used on a daily basis and in multiple locations, this is meant for you!
  • You don’t have to drill for installing this product. The baby gate comes with attachments that are simple to assemble.
  • The baby gate has quick release components. This makes moving the baby gate easier.
  • The baby gate has a wooden finish. It blends with hardwood floors, wooden pillars and stairways.

The Drawbacks
Unfortunately, the Summer infant banister does have few drawbacks. For instance, it is not very strong in wide pathways. The moment you extend the gate it becomes less sturdy. The gate is pretty heavy for its hinges.

Thus, opening and closing the gate becomes difficult. Also, this product from Summer is expensive. Traditional baby gates cost between 20 and 50 USD. This baby gate from Summer costs between 80 to 90 USD. Now, that is almost twice the cost!

Regalo 2-in-1 Stairway and Hallway Wall Mounted Baby Gate

People who have homes that don’t conform to normal standards will find the Regalo’s 2-in-1 stairway and hallway baby gate useful. It is a handy choice if you wish to safeguard a specific area in your home.

The gate proves to be useful when you have to keep children away from the kitchen and fireplace. With long panels, this gate can be assembled to cover areas that are 16 feet wide. The panels can be removed easily and changed into a variety of shapes.

Adults can open and close the gate with a single tap. However, it is quite difficult (or rather impossible) for babies to go through the gate’s safety lock. This means you can keep your babies exactly where you desire.

The Benefits

  • Regalo’s 2-in-1 stairway and hallway baby gates are extremely sturdy. They are made of steel.
  • Also, you will find secure banister mounts. This ensures strength and durability.
    Installing the baby gate is very simple. You don’t have to worry about drilling into your expensive woodwork. The bannisters are made of hard-rubber. They secure onto tough surfaces easily.
  • The baby gate is customizable for any staircase or doorway. The gate opens between 28 and 42 inches. Also, it is 30.2 inches tall.
  • The gate is lightweight and portable. Removing and installing the gate is totally effortless.

The Drawbacks

  • Unfortunately, even the Regalo 2-in-1 stairways and hallways baby gate has few flaws.
  • The gate can be loud and squeaky with use.
  • The straps are not very long. This means there is no space for some newel/banister posts. And, existing banisters are likely to loosen with time.

Lemon Tree Baby Gates for Stairs and Doorways

If you are looking for a baby gate that is strong and sturdy, this product from Lemon Tree is ideal for you. When compared to conventional baby gates, this one is thicker and firmer. It is much more durable. Most of the money you spend goes for its material.

The thick steel gate will last for at least 5 years without any issues. Also, it’s self-closing design makes usage easy.

The Benefits

  • This gate from Lemon Tree offers a dual locking mechanism. This prevents young, curious children from figuring out how to get out! On the other hand, adults can open the gate with a single press. Doesn’t this sound simple?
  • The opening width is 23.6 inches. This means there is ample space for you to walk out with your baby.
  • The Lemon Tree baby gate is carefully designed to blend with any space in your home.
  • The baby gate swings in both directions. Above all, it features an auto-close system. If the gate is less than 90 degrees open, it will close. And, if it beyond 90 degrees open, it will remain open.

The Drawbacks

Most parents find it difficult to install the Lemon Tree Baby gate. Maybe because the gate is extremely sturdy and designed with a purpose in mind! You must read through the installation manual before fixing the gate. Once fixed, it is a perfect place for your baby.


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