baby gate for wide staircase

How to Choose a Baby Gate For Wide Staircase

If you’re looking for a baby gate for a wide staircase, then you’ve come to the right place. There are many different styles of stair gate, but we’ve found a few that we particularly like. These gates are easy to install and have a variety of benefits, including a two-way hinged opening and a magnetic locking system. They also feature a colour-coded indicator, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. fireplace gate baby safety

The first thing to consider is the type of stairs. There are different kinds of staircases, including square and round banisters, as well as odd shapes. There may also be walls on one or both sides. Also, consider the width of the staircase when you’re shopping for a gate. Make sure that you measure the width from top to bottom, including the railing. You’ll need to measure the width at both the top and bottom, as well as the length and depth of the stairs themselves. double seat stroller

Next, you’ll want to decide whether to install a pressure-mounted or a wall-mounted baby gate. While pressure-mounted gates aren’t recommended for staircases, they’re good for other rooms. And while pressure-mounted gates might look neat, they’re also dangerous. If you don’t want to drill holes into your walls, choose a gate that has a double-locking system.

Those looking for a gate that won’t block the stairs need to consider several different options. A stairway gate with a hinged top is best if the staircase is narrow and not too wide. A stair gate that is mounted on the wall will not work well if the stairway is too wide for it. A pressure-mounted baby gate won’t be able to fit up to 48 inches wide, but it’s still an option.

The Stairway Special gate requires only four screws for installation. No other gate uses fewer. You can adjust the screws if you need to. And because you’ll be removing it soon, it won’t be difficult to take it apart. Afterwards, you’ll need to patch up any damaged woodwork and touch up paint. If you’re going to take it down, just use a bit of spackle to restore your woodwork to its pre-gate condition.

A Qdos gate is another popular option. These gates don’t require drilling into the banister, and they are easy to install. They come with hardware that fits most banisters, and have a directional stop so they won’t swing past the staircase. Another advantage to the Qdos gate is that it can be removed for storage. The design is simple, clean, and elegant. If you’re worried about your child’s safety, you can purchase one of these stair gates.