baby gate for wood stove

Choosing a Baby Gate For Your Wood Stove

If you’re considering installing a baby gate over your wood stove, you’re not alone. About 12 percent of unintentional deaths in children under four are caused by fire or scalding. Using a baby gate is an effective way to prevent these potential hazards. There are a few different types of safety gates available, and the most important consideration is the width. Make sure to get one that is wide enough for the width of your wood stove. baby gate for fire place

Using an extra-wide baby gate is a great way to keep little ones from accessing the fire, as well as keeping your firewood in the safest place possible. These are usually designed to fit around the hearth of your fire and are made of durable materials to stand up to heat and cold. In addition to being sturdy, some gates can be folded for easy storage. They can also be used as free-standing play yards at the bottom of stairs and around barbecue areas. best double stroller

When choosing a baby gate for your wood stove, you should consider whether you want a pressure-mounted or a hardware-mounted design. Hardware-mounted gates are safer because they are less prone to being pushed or climbed over. A pressure-mounted gate is more flexible, but it’s not as secure as a hardware-mounted gate. You should also consider whether you’ll be putting the gate on a curved or straight wall.

Once you’ve selected a type, you need to consider how much space you have around the fireplace. The hearth width is typically six feet, but you may want to consider your family’s unique situation before choosing a specific type of gate. Some gates even have removable panels, which make them easy to install and remove. Lastly, make sure the height of the baby gate is appropriate for your child. Taller families might need an extra tall baby gate, but not all gates are the same.

When it comes to safety, the Qdos Construct-A-SafeGate is an attractive, durable option. Made from steel, this gate fits most openings from 35.4 inches to 82.7 inches wide. Its two-door design is also adjustable. The gate can be extended up to 39 feet long. A sturdy, double-locking door panel is one of the other most important considerations when choosing a wood-burning fireplace baby gate.

Another great option is the Costzon Fireplace Safety Fence Playpen, a 132.3-inch wide fireplace fence that will add style to your home decor and keep your children safe. This fireplace fence will keep your children safely out of the range during the winter months, and also doubles as a play yard when the kids are not around. Whether you have a gas, electric, or wood-burning fireplace, the Costzon is a safe and convenient way to keep your family safe from accidents.

Another great feature of a Costzon Gate is its double-locking system. This gate can be opened and closed with just one hand, and it’s also lightweight enough for easy portability. A similar product, the Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate, serves multiple purposes. It can double as a play yard and safety gate, and both can be used as a result. This option is also an excellent option for families with older children.