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Baby Gate Hacks to Babyproof Your Home

When your child is crawling around, babyproofing your home becomes an even bigger priority. One father thought he had everything covered, but his baby gate suddenly stopped working! He came up with a genius hack to keep his daughter from climbing out. The solution worked for his daughter, too: she had to ask for help when she crossed the line. This TikTok video has received over 5.2 million views and countless comments from other parents. gate for a fire place

To make the fireplace safe for a child, you can use a removable board. Paint it magnetic or chalkboard paint and screw it into the fireplace. Your child will enjoy using his or her imagination to create games and watch cartoons. You can also use a wooden board to hang the gate. This option is great because it’s more affordable and can be made in any design that matches your home decor. Moreover, the child can have as much fun with it as you do. tandem double strollertandem double stroller

Cut an L-shaped plank at an angle. Place it in the middle of another frame to form a half-cross brace. You can cut the other piece of wood to make a full-cross brace. Use the remaining 1’x3 planks as back stiles. Make sure to place them tightly behind the cross brace. Then, place the second half-brace across the other half-brace. This will provide equal support for both panels.

One of the most common uses of a baby gate is for stairways. If you want to avoid accidents and keep your child in a safe place, buy a commercially available gate, but if your child is too smart to use it, make it yourself. You’ll save a lot of money and time by repurposing furniture for a child gate! You can even make a wooden baby gate out of scrap pieces of wood and stain it any color.

Another simple solution is to make a pallet gate. You can buy one for a few dollars on the Internet, or even salvage a few for free at your local factory. If you’re handy, you can cut a pallet to the desired size and build it with nails and screws. Make sure to sand it down so it won’t splinter. Then, just attach the pieces and you’ll have a gate that looks like a part of your home.

Another simple baby gate hack is to make it adjustable. You can use it in many ways, from a simple hinged gate to a multi-level system. A versatile gate can even be adjusted so it fits into a wide landing. Ultimately, baby gates are an excellent solution for preventing accidents and keeping children safe. A baby gate should be up until your child can walk safely. After that, they’ll soon learn to bypass the gate.