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Baby Gate Installation Tips

When you buy a baby safety gate, you’ll need to decide which style and mounting method is most convenient for you. There are many different types of baby gates to choose from, and choosing the right one is very important for your baby’s safety. Unfortunately, most new parents will purchase the wrong gate based on appearance or reviews, and this will make the gate useless from the first day of your child’s life. Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks to choosing the correct baby gate. wood stove baby fence

Choose a pressure-mounted or wall-mounted baby gate. The pressure-mounted model will install without making holes in your walls. The hardware-mounted style will install without a hole in the wall, and is perfect for most spaces. There is one downside to pressure-mounted gates, however: you may have to drill holes in the wall to install them. If you can’t figure out where the opening is, consider buying an expandable gate instead. These models are often less expensive than their counterparts, but they won’t expand as large as walk-through gates. double stroller for toddler and infant

Before attempting to install a pressure-mounted gate, make sure to check the studs in the wall. The baseboard is often thick, and you may need to buy a gate installation kit that has wood spacers to compensate for its thickness. You may also have to purchase an adapter kit if the wall has baseboard. Regardless of what type you choose, make sure to check your instructions thoroughly before starting. If you’re unsure, a stud finder is a great tool to have on hand.

Choosing the right safety gate is very important, and the best place to start planning your installation is before your baby starts crawling. Generally, babies begin crawling between six and 11 months, so the earlier you can begin planning for the installation of a safety gate, the better. Also, baby gates are a great way to protect your home from potential dangers. In fact, they will keep your baby safe and sound in many ways.

If you’re having trouble installing a baby gate over baseboards, a Qdos Universal Baseboard Adapter is a great option. This kit works with almost any brand of baby gate and fits over baseboards that are up to seven inches tall and seven-eighths thick. You can also purchase hardware to install the gate into studs or solid wood. Regardless of the type of baseboards, you should check the stability of your gate regularly.

If you’re planning on installing a pressure-mounted baby gate on a round baluster, consider using a Y-spindle rod. These rods will press hard against the banister. These rods can also be used to install a pressure-mounted gate on a square post. However, you must use two screws. A 1-1/2″ wood screw will work for a single strip, but you will need to add longer screws for thicker strips.