baby gate latch hardware

Replace the Latch Hardware on Your Child’s Safety Gate

If you are looking for a safe, effective way to secure your child’s safety gate, consider replacing the latch hardware. Typically, the latches are made from durable glass-fiber nylon and are maintenance-free. To replace the latch hardware, simply remove the screws and screw the new part into place. The latch’s dimensions are three-inches wide by twelve-inches high. A few extra measurements are helpful when choosing the right latch. fireplace baby gates

Pressure-mounted gates are held in place by friction against the walls. Hardware-mounted gates are screwed into wall studs. The latter is ideal for irregular-shaped openings. Many baby gates are also used for pets, which may not meet the voluntary safety standards for baby gates. To make the decision easier, compare the styles available. Some gates are available with latch hardware and others without. Depending on where you live, you may choose any of these options. double stroller for twins

Retractable gates are another option for securing baby gates. They are the most expensive but are also ideal for small spaces. Retractable gates also feature a nicer handle and easier latching. Retractable gates, at least at the time of this publication, cost around $135. However, they are easier to install than their competition. If you have children, consider the Stairway Special, a metal gate that can be positioned at odd angles. Installation should take under 20 minutes.