baby gate no bottom bar

Baby Gate With No Bottom Bar

When your child is too little to sit up by themselves, a baby gate with no bottom bar is the perfect choice. This style is easy to install and remove, and has a wide opening. Depending on the size of the opening, you may need to use wall anchors to secure the gate to the wall. It also comes with a handy template so you can see what your child’s room looks like. The Summer Infant gate is 32 inches tall, with 2.75-inch vertical slats. A comfort-grip handle makes it easy to open and close with one hand. A no-bottom-bar style is also a convenient choice for parents of small children. small fire place gate

The walk-through swinging door panel is kid-safe with a double locking system. It’s an ideal choice if the opening is irregularly shaped, and it can be adjusted for a wider opening. However, you may need to purchase additional hardware to change the configuration of the panels. Strong toddlers may also be able to move individual panels, so it’s a good idea to purchase a gate that has the option of extending. Best Stoller for a toddler and a new born

Some gate manufacturers provide plastic plugs to screw into drywall. While these are convenient, these plugs may not be strong enough to withstand the outward swing of the gate. Investing in solid wood is the safest option. Most of these gates are mounted on wall studs. If you have no wall studs, you can use a wooden stairwell post to secure the gate frame. The swinging gate will also prevent your child from toddling, as the vertical bars will prevent him from falling through.

A swinging gate requires two separate movements and is easy to operate. The latch requires one hand to open and close. It requires a slight shift of the thumb to open. The gate is easy to install, but you might need to purchase drywall anchors for it. Its one-handed lock mechanism is not strong enough to hold it in place over time. If your child is able to open the gate without difficulty, you might want to opt for a different style.

If you don’t have a bottom-bar staircase, you can also choose a permanent-mount baby gate. These gates come in various heights and can fit doorways from 29 to 42 inches wide. They are easy to install and don’t need a trip bar, and don’t require screws. Moreover, most models feature a quick-release bracket to remove the gate from the wall. Aside from being easy to install, these baby gates also come with a wide swing door and don’t have a trip bar.

Safety is the top priority when you’re bringing a new addition into your family. Using baby gates is a great way to prevent the smallest children from getting into dangerous situations. Every year, three million children suffer unintentional injuries in the home. These injuries range from falls to hot liquids to steam burns. These injuries are often avoidable, but having a baby gate will ensure your peace of mind.