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Baby Gate Recalls and How You Can Avoid Them

There have been several recent baby gate recalls. The most recent of these recalls affects IKEA’s Patrull Klamma and Patrull safety gates. These gates are defective because they can unlock on their own and cause a fall. The company is offering a full refund for these products, but customers are encouraged to stop using them immediately. Here are some of the more common recalls and how you can avoid them. baby gates around fireplace

Argos has recalled its Cuggl brand of retractable safety gates. The company has urged Irish customers to stop using the gates and return them for a full refund. Customers can get a refund for the faulty gates and return them to receive a replacement. The recall only affects Cuggl gates, and no other safety gate is involved. However, if you purchase a Cuggl gate from Argos, you should stop using it right away. double jogger stroller for infant and toddler

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has drafted voluntary standards for expansion gates. These standards focus on determining height, size of openings, spacing on the bottom edge, upper edge configurations, and label warnings. The CPSC has urged other manufacturers to adopt corresponding regulatory standards for accordion-style baby gates after January 1985. The companies are currently considering modifications to their designs. The CPSC received over two thousand reports of injuries and deaths related to these products.

Some of the gates recalled are very simple and effective. The gates have a locking mechanism based on opposing motions. To unlock a gate, parents must press down on metal tabs on the gate. Once the gates are lifted, the tabs fall into place. Because this mechanism is so simple, there is much less chance of mechanical failure. If your gate does break, you can lose your child. This is why it is important to check for a recall immediately.

While recalls usually involve the safety of your child, you may not know what’s liable. You may have to file a product liability lawsuit if your child is injured by a faulty gate. In the case of IKEA, you can contact the store’s management. The IKEA store will probably reimburse you for the gates you purchased. The refunds, however, will not cover any damages you suffered because of a faulty gate. Falls from any height can cause catastrophic injuries and even death.

When you buy a baby gate, make sure it is made to industry standards. Look for JPMA certification, as this means that it has passed third-party checks to ensure it meets safety standards. You’ll also want to check if the gate is easy to set up and take down. It’s a good idea to read the label, which will come with your purchase. However, if it’s not, you should probably avoid it altogether.