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How to Choose Baby Gate Tension

If you have a staircase, you may want to purchase a baby gate with a stair mounting kit. You can use this kit to mount the gate on stairs or banisters. If you are using the gate on the floor, the gate should rotate in one direction only, away from the stairs. You can also purchase a baseboard mounting kit for more flexibility. These gates are also one-handed, with a simple thumb mechanism for opening and closing. To prevent your child from falling through the gate, you may want to consider installing them on a stair railing. fireplace safety gate

Another option is a pressure mount gate. The Munchkin Easy Close is a pressure mount gate that is usually around $50. This gate also features a 2-inch threshold on the bottom edge, and is highly child-proof. However, it is not easy to close the gate with one hand, since it requires opening and closing the latch mechanism. Hence, you may want to purchase another gate that has a bottom step-over bar. car seat and stroller reviews

If you are buying a lock-and-key for your baby gate, be sure to check the mechanism. The mechanism should not be hard for your baby to open, but it should be easy for an adult to use. Some gates have a double lock, which is great for optimal security. You can also purchase a baby gate with a manual locking system. But make sure to read the instructions carefully before buying. This way, you can avoid any accidents caused by the baby gate.

There are several types of pressure-mounted baby gates. One type presses on the wall to secure the gate. While this is easier to install, pressure-mounted gates don’t need screws. If you put the ends of the gate against the wall tightly, it should stay up. Pressure-mounted gates are easy to set up, require no tools, and can be easily moved from place to place. Many of these gates are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. Those that have JPMA certification will ensure that they are sturdy and safe enough to not fall over on the baby.

If you plan to install the baby gate in a home with a fireplace or a kitchen, make sure the gate is tall enough to cover the area. If it can’t, choose a gate that’s 22 inches high and can handle 45 pounds of force. If your baby is an active toddler, consider a more expensive gate made from sturdier materials. If you don’t want to risk losing your baby, you should consider the costs of the gate before you buy it.

When choosing a baby gate with a wall mounting kit, consider the width of the wall. Some gates can be as narrow as 30 inches. Some of them have adjustable pressure screws that can be extended only so much. You should be aware that fully extended pressure screws can have a detrimental effect on the integrity of the gate. Make sure you get the right size to fit the area and wall. You can also extend the gate by using extensions. They come with everything you need to install it.