baby gate wall to banister

How to Choose a Wall-To-Banister Baby Gate

A wall-to-banister baby gate is an excellent way to keep your toddler safely inside the home. These gates are easy to install and require no tools. If you want extra security, you can purchase wall mounts to attach the gate to the wall. When installed correctly, they can protect your child from tripping and falling. A wall-mounted baby gate has a door that is approximately 10″ wide and 7″ high. You can also lock the door to prevent your pet from entering when you’re not looking. baby gate for fire place

When choosing a wall-mounted gate, make sure it has no step-over bars along the bottom edge. It should be attached to the wall or railing posts to avoid causing damage. You should also choose one that doesn’t automatically close when your child is sitting or standing on it. Some models even have 30 degree angles to fit awkward mounting spots. This type of gate is also great if you have an unusual angle between two railings. double stroller side by side

Another option is to install a stair-mounted baby gate. These are usually a little taller than normal gates, but they’re incredibly secure. A stair gate should have at least three inches of clearance from the floor. If you can’t get a wall-mounted gate that fits the stairs, you can purchase a door-mounted baby gate. Its sturdy construction makes it impossible for your baby to climb over it.

When mounting a wall-mounted baby gate, you need to make sure the mounting bracket is screwed into the framing of the walls. It should also not be screwed into drywall or plaster. This is because drywall and plaster have a tendency to crumble when pushed, so it’s important to be cautious. And finally, remember that a baby gate should not fall down. So, be sure to choose the right type.