baby gates (mina) & the happy boys when

Baby Gates Mina & The Happy Boys When

David Matalon, head of Italdisc/Broadway records, signed Baby Gate & The Happy Boys to his label, Italdisc. The group released two singles in 1958. The name was changed to Mina, and the group formed a new group, Solitari, which also released records. They played on Italy’s first Rock’n’Roll festival, where they received huge public acclaim. gate for a fire place

baby gates mina the happy boys when


The Happy Boys were an Italian pop group formed in 1959 by Renzo Donzelli and Nino Donzelli. Renzo, a chitarrist, teamed up with fellow musician Fausto Coelli, who would later become a co-founder of “I Solitari”. The group’s debut performance was at the Ice Palace in Milan, where it gained acclaim. Its performances on Italian game shows and in rock festivals also gained her an audience, and the band went on to perform in some of the biggest ballrooms in Italy.

Tintarella di luna

The song, “Tintarella di luna when baby gates Mina & the happy boys when”, was a top hit for the Italian rock band “Happy Boys” in 1960. The song was a hymn to freedom. It was one of Mina Rossi’s most popular hits during the 1960s, and her fans loved it. However, it did not do well in the United States, where the music industry was still dominated by American rock.

This song, originally performed by Wilma De Angelis, became Mina’s first international hit. Upon release, it reached the Italian Top 100 and she became the “queen” of the Urlatori genre. Mina & the Happy Boys performed together in Buenos Aires in 1962, a year after their first Italian #1 hit. Mina subsequently took a break from appearing on television for seven years and continued to release new material almost every year.

The band’s most successful single was “Tintarella di luna”, which was a number one hit for the band. Mina was also a member of the PDU discographic house and partnered with Battisti & Mogol. Her 1970s success also included duettes with Alberto Lupo in “Parole, parole” and Raffaella Carra in “Amor mio”. She later departed from the music scene to concentrate on a career abroad.

Parole parole

In the Italian chart, the single “Tintarella di luna” achieved No. 1 in September 1959, and was also used in a musicarello film called Juke Box – Urli d’amore. After the film, Matalon changed the name of Mina to Baby Gate. The album reached the top ten in Italy, Mexico, and Canada, and eventually became one of the most popular singles of all time.

Mina’s first single was recorded under her stage name for an Italian audience and reached the top eight. This single was produced by Arnoldo Mondadori and was the first single released by the Italian singer. In 2006, Mina married Eugenio Quaini, becoming Mina Anna Quaini-Mazzini. Despite this rocky start to her career, RAI cancelled her TV show after she refused to lie about her relationship with Corrado Pani.