baby jail gate

Choosing a Baby Jail Gate

A baby jail gate is a padded area within your home where your baby can play and stay safe. The baby jail can be as small as a corner of your dining room, or as large as a square in your living room. Some moms choose a separate bedroom, while others opt for a large square in the center of their living room. If you have a space where the baby can play and get plenty of sleep, consider installing a baby jail gate. fire place gate

When comparing baby jail gates, consider their installation methods. Hardware mounted baby gates screw into the wall, door frame, or banister. These are the most secure and should be installed in high-risk areas, like around stairs. Pressure mounted gates use a tension rod, much like that used for shower curtains. You can use either type depending on your needs. When choosing a baby jail gate, keep in mind that not all gates will work for every home. Best Baby Stoller and Car Seats