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Things to Consider When Buying a Baby Stairway Gate

If you want your stairs to be safe for you and your child, a baby stairway gate will keep your baby out of harm’s way. You can find one that is easy to install and has many benefits, including a low price tag. Listed below are some factors you should consider when buying a baby stairway gate. You can also buy one that is adjustable and doesn’t require any tools to install. fireplace safety gate

The design of the safety gate is important, as it prevents toe stamping. The gate’s bottom edge has no step-over bar and should be mounted on walls or railings. It has a 30-degree angle mounting option, which is a big bonus if you’re trying to fit the gate in a tight corner. Integrated tuning systems are also beneficial for stairs with unusual angles, as they can be installed without tools. top rated stroller and babyseat combo

If you’re looking for a wood stairway gate, consider purchasing the Summer Deluxe Stairway Simple to Secure Wood Gate. This gate is designed to fit stairs with walls between 30 inches and 48 inches wide. It features a comfort grip handle and is hardware mounted. It comes in a beautiful antique oak finish and will complement the decor of your home. This gate will secure your staircase while protecting your child from falling or hurting him/her.

Another thing to consider when choosing a stairway gate is the spacing between slats. Ensure that the vertical slats are at least 2.5 inches apart so that your child cannot get their head trapped. Also, keep in mind that your adventurous toddler will probably need the extra room and should only be placed on the bottom half of the stairs. And, as a final point, make sure to buy a gate that is sturdy and has easy-to-use features.

Another consideration is whether the gate is pressure-mounted or removable. A pressure-mounted gate is more secure than a removable one, so you should make sure the stair gate fits between the two rooms. You’ll also need to make sure you can install it easily in both places if you have a lot of stairs. Luckily, most pressure mount baby gates have mounting hardware that’s easy to install and remove. The Lemka gate is usually $60.

This heavy-duty metallic stairway gate closes with a push and includes a triple locking system to prevent accidental opening. The gate also features a hold-open feature, which allows you to open and close the gate a number of times without having to open it. The hold-open feature also helps keep the gate open for several passes while your child is nearby. If you don’t have enough room to install a lock on the gate, consider buying a lockable version.

Buying a metal stairway gate will also prevent your baby from getting stuck between two gates. This type of gate won’t have any space between them, so there is no room for your child to squeeze through and fall off. Some of these gates have rubberized edges, which provide a firm grip to prevent accidents from occurring. A baby stairway gate must be safe for your child to move freely on the stairs without any danger of choking.