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Graco double stroller for infant and toddler

Graco double stroller for infant and toddler

Having a baby is like having a second full-time job. Even though it makes you happy, it’s hard to take care of an infant.

But what if you have 2 babies at once that you need to take care of? That is double the effort. This effort is increased even more if you have twins.

People usually use one simple stroller to take their kids on a walk. However, 2 babies will never fit in a simple stroller, as it is meant for one baby and will not be able to bear the weight of 2 babies for more than 6 months . Imagine trying to fit two babies in one baby car seat. It won’t happen you need two car seats. Similarly, to lift this weight off your shoulder you need a double stroller or a side stroller. Also, buying two strollers from companies like delta children or baby jogger can be very expensive and it makes it impossible for you to take both babies out alone.

So what should you do in this awful situation? You will need a double stroller! And not only a double stroller, but a high-quality double stroller.

As you may know, however, there are lots of different types of double strollers available on the market. There are important things to think about such as the weight limit of the stroller, whether it can fold or n0t, is it lightweight and adjustable etcetera.

If you are afraid that you might make a bad decision, make sure to check Graco double stroller models.

Graco is a well-known company that produces different models of double strollers, with high quality and decent prices.

The double strollers that they provide have a great quality overall and will not leave you on duty. They even have convertible strollers. Moreover, many of their double strollers have reclining seat as well. The items are perfect for every parent that searches the quality and speed of delivery.

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Why should you use a double stroller?

Everybody knows that good quality item is hard to find. Some companies are even trying to scam people by creating cheap products and then selling them at high prices.

Graco is not one of those! However, if you have doubts concerning the company’s services, it’s completely fine.

But here are some reasons why you should buy from Graco:

Graco is a very old company. It was built in 1942 and it still sells today. They have a great brand image. This is the main reason it is a trustworthy company. It has sold effective and high-quality products ever since the 40’s. It is very obvious that if the company was a scam, it would have closed long ago and people would not be shopping with them

  1. Graco double stroller models and other types of products have been sold to thousands of people. You can find the opinions of those people about the products down in the reviews section on any website. Most of them are usually positive reviews. Many people claim that Graco double strollers are the best in business.
  2. The company makes sure that it helps you use the products sold by them to the fullest. The items come with easy to read instructions, and you can always rely on their support. You can always contact them by checking the support center.
  3. Graco’s mission is to make the parent’s life easier by using easy to use but high-quality products. They will give their best in trying to accomplish that. To them their customer base is one big family.
The best 3 double strollers

Now you have created a better image in your head about the Graco products. And so, you might want to hear some good Graco double stroller examples.

What better way to show the quality of a company than using its products? Well, you will get more than that!

Here you have a top 3 list with the best Graco products available to buy on the marketplace. n

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1) Graco UNO2DUO double stroller

This double stroller comes with a nice looking black and grey color and a tandem design. The double stroller is able to turn from one seat stroller to a double seat stroller, as you grow your family and have more kids. This is a convertible stroller.

It comes with many features such as parent cup holders and a storage basket.

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  • The product is very versatile and you can use it for one or two children with different ages. It extends a little bit so that the second seat has enough space. If you already have kids or a baby and expect a new one soon, then this is for you. It can also be really handy for twins.
  • The stroller comes with the option to mount your seat in both directions. This means you can mount the seat either facing forward or facing backward. This is a great benefit for people who would like to let the child observe. Also, you can switch the seat so that you can always check your child. In short, this product is easily adjustable to your needs.
  • The best double strollers have a reclining seats, which you can use to change the angle of your baby’s position. What’s even better is that both the seats can recline to near flat positions. This allows the toddler to take a nap on a flat surface, but then he can also observe the surroundings in a vertical position.
  • The weight limit of this stroller is pretty high.


  • The plastic wheels are a big issue for this product. As some reviewers said, the plastic wheels work well on smooth surfaces. However, when the wheels get to uneven concrete or off-road, they are very hard to steer with weight on them. A baby with weight more than 50 pounds will make it hard for parents to steer on difficult surfaces
  • This stroller is not very compact while folded. The size is still big and it will occupy a lot of space in the car and might not leave much space for a car seat. This also means that when the stroller recline, it will be hard to put it in narrow places.

2) Graco Modes2Grow double stroller

This is another best double stroller with an elegant and nice look. It has dark matte color and has a solid design. It is also very lightweight.

The product comes 4 in 1, because it can become: infant car seat carrier, baby bassinet, basic and best double stroller. Normally if these products were sold separately it will cost a lot.

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  • The fact that the best double strollers can become 4 different types of baby carriers is just perfect for every situation. It can hold one or two kids. Also, it allows the baby to be carried around with the car seat carrier, which can be attached to it. This stroller is suitable for children of all ages
  • You can mount the seats in both directions, and you can change the angle of them as well.
  • This stroller is very easy to fold and unfold. It is compact and can easily fit into narrow spaces.


  • This stroller is not effective on all kinds of terrain because of plastic wheels. If you take bumps on the sidewalk, the wheels will stop and you will probably hit the stroller. It will be pleasant neither for you nor the child. This is because of the plastic wheel.
  • The splash guards attached on the wheels don’t cover the rear side of the wheel. So you will probably get splashed if the road is wet.
  • This is a more compact stroller and it has a weight limit of 50 pounds.

3) Graco Modes Duo double stroller

If you need a full size stroller, this might be the best model from this list. This best double strollers comes with 2 seats evenly leveled so that they free some more space.

The color is a nice looking black and it has 27 different riding options for every situation.

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  • This stroller has 27 different seating positions for the seats, so they can be adjusted for the best comfort. It also has reclining seats
  • The product has a built-in bench, so that the child can rest his legs if tired.
  • This stroller has a huge storage basket, perfect for food or toys.


  • The plastic wheels make a lot of noise while on uneven ground.
  • The seats are smaller than other products’ seats.

Overall, it completely depends on you as parents whether you want to buy this product or not. However, the benefits of the Graco brand are high and most of the time you won’t regret choosing it. It has remarkable features that will accommodate your toddlers in a safe and comfortable manner . Most of the features available in Graco strollers are not even present in other strollers. Graco strollers stand head and shoulders above other companies and make the lives of parents really easy. Most of their double strollers can fold and have good suspension.


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