Best Luxury Double Stroller

Best Luxury Double Stroller

Best Luxury Double Stroller
Best Luxury Double Stroller

Having a baby is like having a second full-time job. Even though it brings you happiness, a baby is also very difficult to manage.

But what if you have 2 babies at once that you need to take care of?

Usually, people use one basic stroller to take the babies for a walk. However, 2 babies will never fit in one simple stroller.

Also, buying two strollers is very expensive and it makes it impossible for you to take both babies out alone.

So what should you do in this awful situation? You will need a double stroller!

Yes, there actually are double strollers on the market. They have two different sets for the babies in only one body.

They are extremely convenient and can help you not only save some money, but you can make your walks more relaxing.

Most people might buy a basic double stroller so that they save some money.

However, you know very well that most of the times cheaper items also look bad.

So if you are ready to invest more in the wellbeing of their children you should buy quality items. That’s why you should buy a luxury double stroller.

Basically, a luxury double stroller is the expensive, more fancy version of the double stroller.

So if you want to buy a new luxury stroller for your infant, then take a look at this article. Here you will find some useful information and the best luxury double strollers available to buy.

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How To Choose The Best Luxury Double Stroller?

There are lots of options on the marketplace when it comes to strollers and especially about luxury ones.

So you might not be so sure which model to buy. Don’t worry!

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Here you have some of the most important features you should look for while buying a luxury double stroller:

  • Make sure the seats are wide and comfortable for your toddlers. You definitely want to have your baby enjoy its ride.
  • A very good feature, especially for a luxury double stroller is the option to mount the seats either facing the front or the rear. It will make the babies easier to entertain, as they like to explore at that fragile age. Let’s not forget that it can also be mounted facing the rear so that you can closely watch at least one baby.
  • Never forget safety! Always check if the product has seatbelts for your infants, so that they can’t fall from the stroller.
  • Another important feature a good luxury double stroller should have is a good brake system, The brake system is really important so that you can keep your stroller pinned while you don’t use it or you stop on a bench to take a break with your babies.
  • A luxury stroller should have reclining seats. It is basically another reason you should buy one of those. You can put your baby to stand either in a flat position, for sleeping, or on an angle, for observing.
  • The most important feature for every stroller is the moving system. A luxury stroller should have high quality wheels and suspensions. You will need those so that you can give your baby a nice and smooth ride.
  • If the stroller is foldable, it will create a world of difference. If you can fold it, you can take it with your car, or place it in narrow spaces.
  • Let’s not forget about storage! A luxury double stroller should have a lot of storage beneath the seats. This is especially important for 2 babies on board.

If all of the above are checked, then you might also want a good looking double stroller. This is the reason you should buy the luxury version, as it comes with quality and looks good.

Top 3 best luxury double strollers

So now that you know the features you should look for, you might need some help in choosing your stroller.

So here you have 3 of the best luxury double stroller models you can find on the marketplace:

1) Contours Options Elite Tandem luxury double stroller

The item comes with a nice carbon color, aluminum frame and padded safety harness.

It is lightweight and you can mount the seats in 7 different positions. It is also compatible with cars.

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  • The seats can be mounted in 7 different positions. The 4 main positions are: face backward, face forwards, face-to-face or back-to-back. This feature gives the item a lot of versatility and it helps the infants experience different scenarios.
  • The product has good quality and dynamic wheels and suspensions, perfect for a smooth ride. Again, this is a way to ensure your baby is able to sleep and have a nice ride. Also, bumpy rides are not pleasant for you, either, so it’s a win-win.
  • It has a big storage basket, which is perfect for storing food, toys and others.


  • The stroller has some issues with steering. The issue is not that it doesn’t steer, but that it is a bit more complicated to do so. You might have to struggle a little with this one.
  • The reclining system is more complicated to use than on other models. This is not a huge flaw, but it’s definitely going to be annoying.

2) Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular stroller

This luxury double stroller comes with a nice grey color. It has up to 22 different configurations.

The item is made with the ability to turn into a one passenger stroller.

If you are waiting for a second child, this might be the way to go.

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  • The product can be turned into a one or two seats stroller, by using a baby car seat.
  • It has a huge basket that can fit a lot of storage.
  • In the single mode it can be mounted in 4 different positions.


  • The second seat is sold separately.
  • The wheels are not very resistant.

3) Twin + Luxe ZoeXL2 stroller

The product has 2 twin seats on the same level, comes with a fancy dark color and leatherette handles.

The tandem design allows the stroller to expand once the babies are more numerous.

It is also foldable and easy to carry around.

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  • The stroller can expand up to 4 seats.
  • It folds very easily and once folded it’s very compact.
  • It has premium sleek leather that is very resistant and it is also comfortable.


  • Because of the seat sides they can’t be mounted backwards or in any other position.
  • You can’t push it that well on soft surfaces or carpet, for example.

The decision is up to you. But now, at least, you know how to find the best luxury double stroller for your toddlers.


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