Best Strollers For New Moms

Best Strollers For New Moms
Best Strollers For New Moms

If you are expecting your first baby then it is very obvious that along with the excitement you are nervous too.

A mom wants to take everything for her child but it makes her confuse about which thing will be good.

It is not possible to carry your child in your arms and take it everywhere.

When you go somewhere you have to take a lot of baby stuff and also your important things with you too.

Holding everything in your hands in not possible. For this, you will have to buy a stroller.

Many strollers are available in the market and online stores. Amazon sells world best strollers.

You just have to know about strollers and make a decision about which one to buy. This article will solve this problem.

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How To Choose The Best Strollers For New Moms?

It is the best news for a couple that they are going to be parents. After hearing this news they start shopping for their child.

They want to take each and everything for him. In this shopping, they cannot forget to buy a new stroller.

If you are going to buy a stroller for your kid, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

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Different types of strollers are present in the market and have different prices. Set your budget before going to shop. If you are tight in budget never go for luxury strollers.


Your living area is also very important to notice before buying a stroller. The light plastic tiered stroller can be suitable on neat and smooth roads.

But if you are living in an area where roads are uneven and cracked then you should always buy stroller having strong heavy wheels.

Material used

You should always check the fabric of the stroller before buying it. The fabric should be comfortable, easily washable, and soft for baby.

Its frame is also very important. It should be strong enough to keep every portion of the stroller together. Its cover should be removable so you can wash it easily.


Strollers have different types of wheels. Plastic wheels are most common in the stroller and suitable for normal daily routine if you are going to walk on smooth roads.

These wheels can handle little roughness of road and grass but you will find it hard to handle it there.

You will also see an air-filled rubber-wheeled stroller in the market. They can roll on any surface easily.

But if the air tube rupture, the tier will go flat, this will hard for you to handle the situation. So always be careful about the tiers if you are going to buy them.

The foam-filled wheels are the best choice as they are more durable. Their grip is strong on the road and they can roll over every type of road.

The stroller which has these foam-filled tiers are the most expensive.

Storage space

If you are going out with your baby even only for a walk in a nearby park, there is a lot of stuff to take along with you.

You have to carry diapers, milk bottle for baby, your wallet, phone, etc. It is not possible to carry that stuff in your hands.

The stroller must have extra pockets to carry all those things. It must have a basket under the seat.


Suspension makes the stroller’s shock absorber.  Strollers must have a suspension system in it because it will give a comfortable ride to your baby.

Having suspension on all 4 wheels of the stroller is a plus point because you can take that stroller to any place.

Stroller without suspension is also acceptable but only for smooth roads.


Most strollers have foot brakes. You will have to engage your foot for stopping the stroller of this type.

If you are jogging or walking then it will be difficult for you to slow or stop the stroller with your foot.

Hand brakes are also found in some strollers but are not very common. They are very easy to operate. You will just have to squeeze brake with hand, the stroller will stop.

Folding mechanism

As strollers are large and take a large space so it is not easy to carry them to distant places.

They must have a folding mechanism so that you can fold it and put it in your car if traveling somewhere.

It should be easily foldable with one hand because sometime it may happen they have to carry a baby and fold stroller simultaneously.

Many strollers are available which have one strap. You just have to pull it and the stroller will fold. Always buy easy to fold strollers.

Top 3 strollers

VEVOR Foldable Newborn anti-shock Stroller

Vevor stroller is a good choice for a newborn child to a child of 3 years. Its seat is reversible and can be adjusted inward and outward.

It is very easy to fold and best for normal days’ use. It has rubber wheels which means your child will have a comfortable ride.

It has a handlebar through which you can adjust the stroller size. Its frame is aluminum-based and light in weight. Its durability is high.

It has a foot brake and also has a lock system for the brake.

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  • It is easily foldable and easily adjustable in a car. So you can take it everywhere with you.
  • Its wheels are maneuverable and havelock with front tiers. If maneuverability is not required, you can lock front tiers easily.
  • The lock system also prevents the unrequired movement of the stroller which is good for the baby’s safety.
  • Its canopy is adjustable and prevents baby skin from sunlight.
  • It also has a foot cover which is used to prevent the child from cold.


  • It is large in size even after folding. If you have less space you cannot carry it with you.
  • They don’t give any instructions to set it.

Summer 3Dflip Convenience Stroller

It is a lightweight, durable, and a good stroller with a reversible seat.

The seat is adjustable to six different positions, can be turned inward and outwards.

It is very convenient for everyday use and also to take along with you for tours.

Its material is very comfortable for the child. It also has a storage pocket in which you can put all necessary things. It has a large canopy which provides protection from the sun.

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  • It is very light in weight.
  • If you are not comfortable showing the baby’s face you can turn seat opposite side.
  • Seats are long so suitable for heightened children too.
  • It has a wheel lock system.


  • Its storage basket is small and not of good quality.
  • The seat is not durable.
  • Seat folding is not easy.
  • Front wheels are not durable and get immovable.

3) Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

Summer 3Dlite stroller is light in weight and long-lasting stroller have an elegant design.

It is very easy to fold and also contains a strap which makes it easy to carry when needed.

Its sitting area is large and extendable in four different positions. It has a seat belt and is a shock absorber for a more comfortable ride.

Wheels also have a lock system. It has a large storage space and also has a cup holder.

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  • Sitting area is large.
  • Wheels are shock absorbers and give the child a comfortable tour.
  • Easy to carry because of the strap.
  • Front wheels have suspension system.
  • The storage space is large.


  • Canopy is small so it doesn’t give full protection from sunlight.
  • Storage space is not easily reachable while walking.


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