best top of stairs baby gate

How to Find the Best Top of Stairs Baby Gate

There are several different types of top of stairs baby gates. Some are permanent mounts, while others can be moved. The best option for top of stairs is a pressure-mounted gate, which can be moved with the child. While pressure-mounted gates are safer than hardware-mounted gates, they’re also pricier. This type of gate can be installed either on top of stairs, in hallways, or in doorways. fireplace baby gates

Most extra-wide gates specify that they’re not intended for top-of-stairs use, but the North States 72″ Wide Deluxe is specifically designed for this use. Its adjustable height allows it to fit openings between 27 and 42.5 inches wide, and it’s easy to install and uninstall. It also has several solution options, including adjustable mounting angles. So, whether you’re facing stairs or have a non-traditional staircase, you can find the best top-of-stairs baby gate for your home. graco double stroller sit and stand

The Munchkin angle baby gate has a bronze finish and a sturdy steel construction. It is easy to operate with just one hand and has an auto-close hinge. Parents who have already purchased the gate say they have never had to worry about it being stuck or flung against the stairs. A couple of downsides to the Munchkin angle baby gate include:

Hardware-mounted gates need to be secured with screws. They’re more secure and permanent, which makes them ideal for top-of-stairs usage. Alternatively, pressure-mounted gates can be attached to the banister with a nut or bolt. However, be sure to install the mount correctly before your child starts climbing your stairs. If you don’t know what type of mounting is needed, ask your local hardware store for suggestions.

As a parent, safety is your number one priority. A baby gate helps keep your child safe while allowing them to explore. When shopping for a top-of-stairs gate, choose one that is a little larger than your child’s height. This way, you can continue using the gate well after your child has outgrown it. Baby gates come in different styles and sizes. A hardware-mounted gate is the safest option for your stairway.