Building a Farmhouse Baby Gate

If you have a small space, consider building a farmhouse baby gate. These gates blend in with the decor of any home, and they provide a safe barrier for your newborn. This type of gate is pressure mounted and requires occasional tightening of the pressure. To know when you need to tighten the pressure, the SecureTech(r) indicator turns red. These gates are an ideal choice for small rooms or for homes with pets or small children. britax double stroller

It will be necessary to consider the pet’s weight to find a gate that will fit securely. You should avoid gates with weight limits of less than 40 pounds if you are planning on raising a full-sized dog. Smaller breeds of puppies, however, will fit in with a weight limit of 25 pounds. If your pet is not yet fully grown, you can opt for a smaller gate that can be placed over a crib or in a highchair.