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Teen Mom 2 Star’s $200 See-Through Baby Gate Controversy

Teen Mom fans are concerned about the safety of Chelsea Houska’s children after seeing the latest home improvement she’s working on. The down home deBoers star shared an image of a $200 see-through baby gate on her Instagram. Although the gate would be a great way to keep her kids out of the way and make her home look more modern, fans are worried about the amount of drool and fingerprints it’ll collect. gate for a fire place

Chelsea DeBoer and her husband Cole DeBoer are parents to a son named Watson Cole DeBoer. Chelsea and Cole DeBoer first announced their pregnancy in March 2018. They are now parents to a baby boy named Watson Cole DeBoer. Chelsea and Cole’s baby boy’s firstborn will be named Watson. Chelsea recently had a COVID-19 scare. double stroller jogger

Fans of the Teen Mom 2 star were quick to voice their concerns about the baby gate, saying that it would only make the situation worse. Others wondered if the gate could possibly protect Aubree more than Chelsea’s children. Despite the criticisms, viewers applauded Cole for stepping up as Aubree’s father figure. Cole had no idea about the gate’s safety but nonetheless, he built the gate in a day.

After Cole and Chelsea’s baby’s arrival, Reddit users began posting their thoughts on the safety of the gate. Some claimed it was dangerous for pets, while others said it could be used in a life insurance murder. Another Reddit user urged Chelsea and Cole to place a surveillance camera by the gate. Obviously, the gate is meant to protect Chelsea and Cole’s family and home from any potential criminals.

The Teen Mom 2 star is pregnant with her fourth child. She and boyfriend Cole DeBoer shared pictures of their home renovation projects and decorating projects, as well as some photos of their “modern” baby gate. The photos caused controversy online, and some fans questioned if the couple had put children’s safety in jeopardy by displaying such a baby gate. But it turns out the gates were fine and the couple’s children were safe.

Although Chelsea Houska’s baby was born prematurely, she did not reveal the cause. The baby’s clinginess caused Chelsea to ask for help from friends and family. In fact, she had to take Aubree’s care as a baby after her arrival because she had crabby behavior. While the show is still in production, Chelsea and Cole’s wedding took place on October 1, 2016. They were married privately, and their daughter, Aubree, was also present.