Choosing a Fireplace Baby Gate

A fireplace baby gate will keep your young child safe from the fire. Luckily, these devices are available in many designs and come in a variety of sizes and colors. While you might not need a fireplace baby gate in every room, you should have one to protect your children in certain areas of the home. Here are the main considerations to make. When selecting a fireplace baby gate, make sure it is noncombustible. If the fireplace is located near stairs, you should use a hardware-mounted gate. best luxury double stroller

Fireplace baby gates are very affordable and easily install on moldings. Many of them are configurable and work around most fireplace hearths. While the images of the product online may not match the actual product, they are incredibly useful when you need to travel and have unexpected visitors. The North States fireplace gate, for example, is a good choice if you have a fireplace. It is sturdy and easy to install. The gate is 30 inches high and includes child locks so your child cannot reach it. fireplace baby gates

While a fireplace baby gate will protect your child from the flames, it will also keep curious toddlers and babies out of the area. Fire is dangerous to babies, and the hot surfaces around it can burn them. Choose a gate with a lockable mechanism so your child can’t open it by accident. Make sure that the fireplace baby gate is sturdy enough to hold its own weight, but not so hard that a toddler can get through it. Another important factor to consider when choosing a fireplace baby gate is the amount of space between the floor and the gate itself. If it is too big, the baby’s head may get caught on it.

A fireplace baby gate can be made of wood, metal, wrought iron, or plastic. A metal hearth gate is typically the best choice for protecting children from the fire. Plastic is usually reserved for step-over gates near doors, and it’s not recommended for use around a fireplace. It may melt when exposed to fire, so you’ll want to check the height before purchasing. If your children are tall, consider purchasing extra-tall fireplace gates.

While installing a fireplace baby gate around your hearth or fireplace, you should remember that you can also use it in other areas. You can place the gate on top of the fireplace, in front of the fireplace, or as a safety gate at the bottom of the stairs. And don’t forget to lock it when the fireplace is not in use. This will prevent your baby from accidentally opening the door, which can be dangerous for your child.

If your fireplace is large, you can also opt for an extra-wide fireplace gate by Baby Dan, a renowned manufacturer in Europe. This model comes in a matte black finish, which creates a perfect space around the fireplace. The gate features a 28-inch-wide entry door and dual latching mechanism. It also comes with two panels, one small and one larger. This fireplace baby gate can be mounted to a wall and doubles as a room divider when not in use.