fireplace baby gate ideas

Fireplace Baby Gate Ideas

Considering adding a fireplace baby gate to your home? You should consider a couple of different options. Wood-burning fireplaces will require that you put a baby gate at least five feet away from the firebox. While gas fireplaces are generally closer to the door, the gas itself can give off heat that can be dangerous for little fingers. Either way, it is important to protect your child from the sharp corners. Here are some ideas for fireplace baby gates. baby gates fireplace

– Use a glass door over your fireplace to prevent access. While fireplaces look beautiful, they can be dangerous for babies and curious toddlers. A baby gate placed near a fireplace should be tough for a toddler to climb through and easy for adults to use. Keep in mind that you need to leave plenty of space between the gate and floor. Otherwise, a baby’s head could get stuck on the gate. Make sure to keep these tips in mind when choosing a fireplace baby gate. double jogging stroller for infant and toddler

– Choose a gate that restricts the whole fireplace or contains a child in a playpen-like enclosure. You can even find fireplace baby gates that attach to moldings. They are affordable, easy to install, and lightweight, making them perfect for placing around a fireplace. In addition to being lightweight, these gates can be easily transported. This means that they are convenient when you travel or need to travel. When buying a gate, take into account the location of the fireplace.

– Choose a gate with extra panels for added play area. You can buy additional panels separately on Amazon, if you prefer. This fireplace baby gate is designed to be adjustable and can be adjusted to fit over a six-foot hearth. The gate also comes with an extra wide door panel. The extra-wide door will ensure that your child does not accidentally fall into the fire. It is also sturdy enough to keep your child safe.

– Consider a fireplace baby gate. While you can purchase a normal baby gate that fits in the door, a fireplace baby gate is made of a more secure material. This prevents your child from getting near the fireplace. A fireplace baby gate will help keep your child safe, and embers inside the fireplace will stay out. If you plan to buy a fireplace baby gate, make sure it is sturdy and safe. These gates are also easy to install.

– Consider a hearth pad. The fireplace hearth can be elevated and become a cozy reading corner. Be sure to consider a hearth pad to cover the sharp edges. Roving Cove makes safety edge bumpers that can be easily installed. The Roving Cove safety edge comes in white, black, and brown colors. It has eight corner pieces and is easy to install. The hearth can also be protected by a playmat. Add a decorative pillow to make it a comfy seating area.