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Is a Fireplace Gate Baby Safe?

You might be considering installing a fireplace gate for your newborn, but are unsure whether it is right for your home. You’ll find a variety of options on the market, including pressure-mounted and hardware-mounted gates. Pressure-mounted gates are convenient because they don’t require any screws or holes and they are easy to remove and reinstall. However, if your fireplace is in a central location, you should choose a hardware-mounted gate. A hardware-mounted gate is much more secure than a freestanding one. fireplace baby gates

One of the most important factors when choosing a fireplace gate for your home is safety. Pressure-mounted gates are not recommended for fireplaces because they are not safe for babies to climb over. Hardware-mounted gates are also safer because the baby can push or climb over them. They also provide the best safety for your baby, as they do not have any sharp edges or protruding hinges that can be easily removed. Buying a hardware-mounted fireplace gate can help you avoid any accidents. top double stroller

Another benefit of buying a fireplace gate is that it can protect your child from stepping near an open fire. Babies are curious, and they may even get burned on the hot surfaces surrounding a fireplace. When choosing a fireplace gate, consider the child’s height and weight. The fireplace gate should be hard enough to prevent a toddler from climbing over it, but small enough that he can’t get through it. Buying a fireplace gate with a removable safety bar should be sufficient in most cases.

If your fireplace is only used for decoration, you don’t need to install a fireplace gate. However, you should protect the hearth of the fireplace with a safety bumper, available from any home improvement store. Additionally, you can use pillows and a bench cover to create a cozy reading nook for your little one. The fireplace gate will also provide additional space for other activities. With proper installation, your fireplace will be safe for the entire family.

Depending on the size of your fireplace, you can purchase an extra-wide fireplace gate. A thick metal gate can keep a child away from the fire. You can even install a fireplace gate on a straight wall, allowing you to protect the hearth without having to move furniture around. The height of the fireplace gate is about 28 inches. The gate is also adjustable, so you can move it as needed. The gate can double as a room divider when the baby isn’t in it.

Another great option is a fireplace gate for baby. It has many advantages, including an adjustable gate, a walk-through door, and a play yard. This baby gate features a one-touch safety lock release lever, and an all-steel construction for durability. It also includes wall mounting hardware. It is also JPMA-certified and meets ASTM safety standards. There is no need to be embarrassed about installing a fireplace gate.