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Choosing a Baby Gate

When it comes to buying a baby gate, many parents are confused as to what type to choose. There are many different types of gates available online and through retail stores. When selecting a baby gate, look for the JPMA Certified Seal on the packaging. This seal indicates that the product meets industry standards. It does not, however, mean that your child will be protected from harm. It only indicates that the product has been approved for use with children, but this does not mean that it is necessarily safe for your child to use. gate for a fire place

When deciding on a baby gate, look for a product with a dual locking system. A hardware-mounted gate will allow you to lock it in place and prevent your baby from getting out. It will come with two-way locking mechanisms and is suitable for use on stairs and doorways. A gate that is pressure-mounted is easy to handle and is also easy to install. The Summer Infant gate, for example, has a removable door stopper. graco double jogging stroller

Whether you choose a pressure-mounted or a wall-mounted gate, you will need to ensure that the bottom bars do not fall and that it is stable. When you choose a wall-mounted gate, you will want to make sure the bottom bars are not protruding, as these can be a tripping hazard. This particular gate is great for stairs, as it is extra-wide and expands up to four feet. A wall-mounted gate will not bend easily, so make sure you choose one with two bars.

Extra-wide gates are another popular option. You can choose between hardware-mounted and pressure-mounted gates, and some are extra-wide or tall. The retracted gate will be less of an eyesore when not in use. Its lock mechanism is easy to operate with one hand. Retractable gates are also great for outdoor spaces, as they will not break when exposed to rain. There have been some reports of parents who have accidentally allowed their toddlers to crawl under the gate and crash it with their weight.

Generally, parents start installing baby gates around 6 months. At that point, their baby is ready to explore and move around. However, it is worth noting that some children are able to open the gate by age 2! Keep in mind that children develop at different rates and you may need to purchase a baby gate earlier than you thought. The sooner you purchase the gate, the better. You will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your baby is safe.

When choosing a baby gate, consider the mounting brackets’ height. Make sure that they do not protrude more than two inches from the wall. Be careful when installing them, though, as baseboards can interfere with the connection between the gate and the wall. To make sure the brackets stay flush with the wall, spacers are needed between the brackets and baseboard. Ensure the brackets are properly attached to the wall.