How Baby Gates will help you sleep better

Do you know baby gates will help you for sleep better?

Seeing your little one grow is a surreal experience, and as their guardians, we do everything in our power to make them feel safe and secure. The first few months of a baby’s life are most challenging for both parents and toddlers. During this period, the babies require a lot of attention and care from our end.



Toddlers aged between 1 to 12 months don’t have a fixed sleeping schedule, unlike adults. 

They are free-willed to sleep and wake up whenever they feel like, and this can cause some chaos in a parent’s life. Untimely night waking are a part of this as well.

In the “newborn phase,” there will be instances when your little one will wander out of his/her bed or crib without your consent. We remember when our eldest child made his transition from a crib to a bed. And during this phase, we found ourselves constantly worried about him at night and always thinking about his safety. Although we were nearing our parental milestone, this consequently led to a lot of exhaustion during the day.

But as young parents, we have to understand that we can’t always be around our little ones. Everyone has some responsibility to fulfill, so instead, we followed some safety measures and created a safe environment for him. Trust us, this released a lot of exertion that we had, and we finally went back to enjoying our night’s rest. 

We have shared all the tips and measures below so that you can go back to enjoying those deep night sleeps!


Tips for Building A Safe Sleep Environment When Your Child Moves Out Of A Crib

When your babies are sleeping in their cribs, they are much more confined and secure. But when the transition from crib to bed happens, you realize that they have access to almost everything in their room, and the world has instantly become a bigger place for them.

To make sure your kids are secure from any potential harm, here are the things that you can do to make sure their sleeping environment remains safe 

Clear out the room.

All the toys and pieces of blocks lying on the floor can seem exciting for kids, but between this rubble, there are much more enticing things that can hurt your toddler’s hands or knees if they fall on them. 

This includes any kind of cables hanging from the wall and plates. Before going to sleep, clear out the floor with anything in sight, so in-case your baby decides to go on wander-trip late in the night, he/she is safe.

Bolt furniture to the wall.

If you haven’t yet followed this step, then you should do ASAP. Most of the nursery and children’s furniture comes bundled with a kit to secure the piece to the wall. If not, you can surely get one from any hardware store.


Install Baby Gates At The Top Of The Stairs.

This is one of the most crucial steps of the process. We know that our child is familiar with the environment around his room, but we still worry about their safety if they start wandering at night. Baby gates are perfect for preventing this.

For us, we were looking for a baby gate that can be mounted to the wall. But didn’t want something hefty which looked out of place. The Safety 1st Ready To Install Gate served our purpose and had all the necessary features that we were looking for. 

Plus, it also had a few extra tricks that made it an even easier choice. In addition to being a hardware-mounted gate, the other features that we loved included:

  • Easy-to-open with one-hand operation and a swing-open door.
  • The gate can be closed with a push.
  • There is nothing to assemble as the gate comes in one piece.
  • It can be installed easily via a screwdriver.
  • It boasts a ‘no trip’ design, which means it’s a safer option for parents too.

Another neat thing about this baby gate is that it is made for the top of the stairs. So you can practically put it up anywhere in your home. This baby gate is available on Amazon, which means that no matter your location, it will reach your doorstep in no time. And let’s be honest here, something this convenient which helps you sleep at night is worth a shot.


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