How Long to Use Baby Gates?

When should you remove your baby gate? It depends on your child’s age. Babies under two years need extra protection, and older children should have their baby gates removed. Each child develops at a different rate. If you notice your child can open or climb over the baby gate, it’s time to remove it. The longer they’ve been in the baby gate, the more protection you’ll need to provide. Age of baby gatesĀ 

Accordion-style baby gates

Accordion-style wooden baby gates are a classic design, but they pose a serious choking hazard. This style of gate was first manufactured more than 30 years ago, and it has been the cause of a number of choking-related injuries and deaths. Experts recommend against these gates for a number of reasons, including the fact that a number of recalls have been issued. small fire place gate

Hardware-mounted baby gates

Having a properly-mounted gate is essential for protecting your children from danger. While you’re putting up the gates, you need to consider the safety standards of the baby gates. You should keep a three-inch distance from the floor when installing hardware-mounted gates, and you’ll need to check the manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, you’ll want to check for certifications, such as CE marks. This certification means that the product meets essential safety standards.

Pressure-mounted baby gates

When it comes to choosing a baby gate, you need to consider several factors, including aesthetics and ease of installation. A weighted gate is better for older toddlers, while lightweight plastic gates are better for outdoor use. You also need to consider the type of installation – pressure-mounted gates are easy to install, but they are not suitable for staircases. In addition, some parents have had problems with the auto-close feature, and some of them received a broken package.

Swinging baby gates

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep your child safe and secure, swinging baby gates may be just what you need. These gates are easy to install and can fit any doorway, including stairways and doors. The locking mechanism is simple to operate with one hand, and the gate’s sturdy mesh is perfect for outdoor use. Just be prepared to handle a few accidents if your toddler crawls under it, or when the gate’s weight causes it to crash.

Retractable baby gates

Retractable baby gates are great for traveling, but they have their limitations. You’ll find that they can be cumbersome to use and may even cause tripping hazards. Retractable gates should not be used on top of stairs, as they have a rail on the bottom. However, if you’re using them in your home, you can buy retractable gates that match your decor.

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