How Old Children Using Baby Gates?

If you’re wondering how old your child should be before putting a gate on the door, you’re not alone. Many parents are also confused about the age at which their child can begin using a gate, so we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the right product. It includes information for kids from 6 months to two years. So, get your kid ready to play safely and secure the safety of your home.

Safety gates for babies

6 months

It is recommended that parents refrain from allowing their 6-month-old children to use baby gates until they have mastered walking safely. It is not uncommon for children to be able to climb over a gate, so parents need to teach their toddlers how to navigate the home safely without the help of a baby gate. However, parents should not allow their children to use the toilet in their rooms without using baby gates. If your child has been using the toilet in their room at night, the gate may not be necessary anymore. fire place gate

8 months

When your baby is eight months old, you should begin giving him/her increased independence. Begin with one section at a time. Teach your child how to use the space safely. Eventually, you can allow your child to explore the rest of the house without a gate. But be sure to monitor your child’s activities. If you do decide to remove the baby gate, make sure to be available and watch them closely.

12 months

When children are under two years of age, baby gates should be installed in the home. Moreover, baby gates can also be used to contain pets. Cardinal Gates offers a variety of baby gates that can help parents keep their babies safe. Here are some tips to use baby gates effectively. They will make your home safe for your little one. Just follow these guidelines and you will be on your way to a safer and healthier home.

2 years

When buying a baby gate for your child, you should check for certification from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) or the American Society for Testing and Materials. Both organizations certify safety standards, which is good news for parents. Moreover, a gate with these certifications should be certified to meet or exceed government and juvenile-products standards. A gate should not stretch beyond its maximum width because toddlers may be unable to climb over it. It should also come with a warranty.

3 years

As your child grows, gradually remove the baby gates and gradually increase their independence. Let them explore the entire house without the gate for a short time, removing one section of the gate at a time. However, you must keep an eye on them. If your child is still young, you can use the baby gates only to prevent them from climbing out. Then, you can gradually remove them from your house. Until they are three years old, you can use the baby gates to restrict their freedom but ensure safety.

4 years

As your child grows, you should stop enforcing baby gates around your home. Although they are very tempting to break, baby gates can actually lead to your child being pushed or banged into the gate. In addition, baby gates do not teach your child the importance of following rules. Children should be encouraged to explore their surroundings without the assistance of baby gates. It’s essential that you monitor your child’s progress to prevent accidents and injury.

5 years

If your child is under 5 years old, you may want to consider getting rid of baby gates. These gates are designed to restrict movement, but children can often find them irresistible. While the baby gate’s limited movement is helpful for safety, the sheer weight of your child could be an encouragement to try to get past the fence. It would also be dangerous for your child if they managed to knock the gate down, or carry it down the stairs.

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