How to Mount Baby Gates to Round Banisters

How to Mount Baby Gates to Round Banisters

Having a round banister is not the best idea, and you might be wondering how to mount baby gates to them. The truth is, there are many different ways to mount them, so keep reading to learn how to mount a gate to a round banister. There are many benefits to using a gate, too! For one, it prevents older children from climbing up the stairs. Moreover, it prevents snatching your precious cargo while you’re trying to get them to sleep. Baby gates to rounded banisters

how to mount baby gates to round banister

Safety Innovations no hole stairway kit

You can mount a Safety Innovations no-hole stairway kit for mounting a baby gate to a round banister without drilling a hole in the staircase. The kit comes with the necessary mounting hardware and includes wall anchors to secure the gate. For a sturdy mounting, you need to place the brackets six inches from the floor. Then, line up the latch mount bracket over the upper screw on the wall. Finally, tighten the screws using an allen wrench. fire place gate

The Safety Innovations no-hole stairway kit is an ideal solution for stairways with no square posts. This mounting kit is made for round posts with a diameter of 2 3/4″ to 3 5/8″. It also features an extra mounting adapter. It is recommended to measure the posts in advance to ensure proper fit. It’s also important to make sure the post is level.

Summer Infant 27903Z Banister & Stair Safety Gate

To mount a Summer Infant 27903Z Banister / Stair Safety Gate to a round banister, follow the steps outlined below: – Measure the top of the round banister and mark the center of the wall. If the round banister is wider than the gate, make sure that the base of the gate is higher than the top of the banister. Ensure that the brackets are securely mounted. Install wall anchors if necessary.

– Choose a stair post mounting kit. These kits come with flat wood strips and brackets, which fit any round or square banister post. Ensure you measure the post accurately, as it will come with an additional adapter that will work with only one post. If you don’t want to drill your banister post, you can use a no-hole stairway gate mounting kit, which allows you to attach a Summer Infant 27903Z Banister & Stair Safety Gate to round stair posts without drilling them.

Safety 1st

When mounting a baby gate to a round banister, look for the safety features of the gate. Choose a gate with rounded edges and a smooth finish. The gate should not have small pieces or sharp edges that could cause a child’s head to become trapped in the gate. Avoid accordion-style gates because they can also trap a baby’s head. Choose a gate that has a sturdy, easy-to-operate latch.

If the banister is made of wood, you can also install a baby gate with a no-hole mounting kit. These kits fit both round and square posts. You will need one for each side of the banister. These gates come with basic hardware and installation instructions. Once you’ve installed the gate, make sure the post is a wooden stud. This will ensure that the gate does not come undone or become loose over time.

Safety Innovations dual installation kit

The Summer Banister to Banister Universal Gate Mounting Kit comes with two solid wood boards, six brackets for round banisters, and a number of straps and zip ties for attaching the gate. The gate’s attachment is easy to use and blends in well with the decor. Its design allows it to be installed without having to drill into the wall. While this kit is easy to install, its instructions aren’t that clear.

If you’re replacing an existing round or square banister, this dual installation kit will fit perfectly. It requires that the banister be at least 3.5 inches wide and comes with mounting hardware. The spindles mounting kit doesn’t fit posts wider than 3 5/8″. If you have spindles on both sides of your stairway, you’ll need two kits. The kits contain a 36-inch-tall wood strip, two wood inserts, four bolts, and two small screws.

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How to mount baby gates to rounded bannisters?