How to Prevent Baby Gates That Damage Door Frames?

Wooden gates are generally less likely to scratch a door’s frame, but metal gates may be more durable. Also, watch out for wooden gates with a support bar under them. These could be tripped over as the gate opens. Make sure to choose gates certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. Lastly, make sure that the gates you buy come with a permanent label that lists the manufacturer, distributor, seller, and warning statement. Baby gate for 2 year old

Accordion-type gates

Installing an accordion door kit requires measuring your door opening’s height and width. Generally, you should select an accordion door kit based on the shortest height. You can also use a light curtain to detect an obstruction in the doorway and stop the accordion door in its tracks. You can then open the accordion door immediately to prevent injury to anyone who may be walking through the doorway. baby gates fireplace

Bottom turn-style safety locks

A bottom turn-style safety lock is an excellent choice for child-proofing your door. While you might not think of this feature when you first hear about it, this lock is an effective way to discourage toddlers from opening the latch. While the latch design might not deter some toddlers, the latch can cause damage to the door frame if the latch is not placed high enough on the door frame.

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Tilting hinge mechanism

One way to prevent a tilting hinge mechanism from damaging a door frame is to ensure that the door is properly lined up. A bent strike plate means the hinge will no longer work properly and could even lead to the door shifting or rocking when opening or closing. To fix this, simply use carpenter’s glue to secure the hinge plate and make it stronger. Once the hinge has been stabilized, you can then proceed with installing a new door sash.

Screw-fit stair banister adapter

If you have a door that is too wide for a typical baby gate, you may need to purchase a screw-fit stair banister adapter kit. These are designed to mount on a staircase, and are available for both round and square posts. Unlike hardware mounted gates, they don’t require drilling and are secure enough to keep a toddler from sliding through.

Y-Spindle rods

The Y-Spindle rods are used to attach a baby gate to a metal banister or railing. These rods are fitted to the railing and anchored to wall studs. To install a baby gate to a metal railing, you will need screws or a drilling machine. To properly install the Y-Spindle rod, tighten it to the railing and attach the gate to the Y-Spindle rod. You cannot use hardware-mounted gates for this purpose.

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