my toddler figured out how to open the baby gate

How My Toddler Figured Out How to Open the Baby Gate

So, you’ve installed a baby gate, but your toddler has figured out how to open the door. Now, your two-year-old is unable to sleep in her room at night, or take naps in the afternoon. How did your toddler figure out how to open the gate? Read on to discover some tricks. But remember, it’s not easy! The trick is to stay one step ahead of your child. double stroller with infant seat

One way to prevent your child from learning how to open the baby gate is to install a gate that’s difficult for toddlers. While it may be difficult to open at first, your toddler will get the hang of it in no time. But just like with anything else, once your toddler has figured out how to open the gate, you’ll be left wondering how your baby got through the gate in the first place. Bill, in the “Castle Keep” episode, suggests a creative solution. “Open the latches with things,” says Bill. In this case, pencils, keys, and safety buttons are all possible solutions. Stoller for a toddler and a new born

Many parents overlook the idea of measuring the height of their toddler before investing in a baby gate. While tumbling down the stairs is not as dangerous as a fall over a stair gate, it is a good idea to take all precautions and ensure that your child doesn’t fall. If you’re concerned about your toddler climbing over the gate, a taller gate will be more difficult for your toddler to climb over.

Narrow doorways can be difficult to fit a baby gate into. Narrow doorways are the ultimate danger zone, so you’ll need a sturdy safety gate for your home. A permanent installation is also necessary. If your doorway is narrow, consider an extra wide gate. And don’t forget to measure for the width of your doorway. The widest doorways often have large door openings, so choose a gate that can fit in the doorway.