Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

Best Pressure Mounted Baby Gates

Most of the time, baby gates require screws and tools for installation. You must drill hotels into the wall and doorframe to attach the gate. Well, this can be a complicated process especially if the screws go missing. When the gates are removed and re-installed, you will find many holes in the initial spot!

You will have to fill the holes with wall patching materials or wood putty. If you are someone who is concerned about the look of your home, hardware-mounted gates are not for you. Instead, you should opt for the pressure-mounted ones.

Pressure mounted gates don’t need to be drilled. They are much easier to install and remove. These gates are ideal for doorways, the bottom of your stairs, and any room with leveled flooring. The gates are both secure and easy to fix!

How to Buy Pressure Mounted Baby Fireplace Gates

Before you buy a pressure mounted baby gate, it is important to understand the area to be covered. Most pressure-mounted baby gates are wide. They can be used in unconventional areas. These gates are a great solution for both wide and standard spaces. But, a single pressure-mounted gate cannot handle both situations.

That is why you should choose the right gate! Measure the area to be safeguarded before picking a gate. The baby gates can be extended only a few inches. In fact, you need special rods to extend the gate.

Also, the gate needs two rock, solid surfaces for installation. The gates will be pushed against the solid surface. If the room, stairway or doorway doesn’t have two solid surfaces, you will be in trouble with pressure-mounted gates.

Saftey 1st Baby Gate Pressure mount1. Safety 1st Easy Installation Metal Baby Gate

The safety 1st pressure-mounted baby gate is super stylish. It has two separate action handles. You can operate the gate with a single hand. The door is 21.5 inches wide and it opens comfortably in both directions. It features a directional stop that can be set if you want the gate to open in a single direction.

What makes the Safety 1st pressure-mounted gate special would be its simple installation method. You have Red/Green pressure indicators to tell if the gate is neatly installed or not. You don’t need any tool to fix the gate.

Though the gate is highly intuitive, you must go through the instruction manual. For example, the zip tie should be removed once the gate is installed.

Saftey 1st Deco Pressure Baby GateThe Benefits
Safety 1st Pressure mounted gate has many interesting benefits. Here are few to begin with:

  • The gate is extremely simple to install.
  • The gate features an indicator to check the pressure.
  • You can operate the gate with a single hand. Also, you have directional stops to prevent the gate from opening both ways.
  • The gate is extremely strong and stylish.
  • The gate’s door is super wide. Walking through the gate is easy.

The Drawbacks
Unfortunately, the gate does have three prominent drawbacks:

  • The baby gate doesn’t close automatically.
  • The baby gate doesn’t feature a stay-open option.
  • It comes with a trip bar. This increases the chances of you tripping and falling while going through the gate.

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2. Regalo Easy Step, 38.5 Inch Walk Thru Baby Gate


 This baby gate from Regalo is very simpleRegalo Easy Step, 38.5 Inch Walk Thru Baby Gate! It is designed with minimalistic features. The gate features a safety lock that opens and closes with a tap. What makes the gate special would be its “design”. For instance, the distance between the two bars is 2.5 inches.

This ensures that the baby stays inside and cannot crawl out through the gaps. The door opens in a single direction. Though the opening is narrow (only 16 to 17 inches wide), adults can pass through easily.


The Benefits
Regalo is a renowned name in the world of baby gates. Here are a few reasons to buy it’s pressure mounted baby gates:

  • As mentioned previously, this baby gate from Regalo is extremely sturdy. It is made of strong metal.
  • When compared to other baby gates, this product is highly economical.
  • You can operate the baby gate with a single hand. The design is so simple that you can walk through, place the baby, and walk out effortlessly.
  • Installation is one of its unique selling points. You don’t need any screws or even an installation manual to fix this baby gate.

The Drawbacks

  • Few drawbacks in this baby gate are:
  • The baby gate has a “trip” bar. Once again, this increases the risk of you tripping and falling.
  • The gate opening is narrow.


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3. Summer Modern Home Decorative Walk-Thru Baby Gate, Metal with Bronze Finish

Summer Modern Home Decorative Walk-Thru Baby Gate, Metal with Bronze FinishAs suggested by its name, this is a beautiful walk through the baby gate. The gate is designed with a bronze medal. It is super tall and has plenty of color options. When compared to traditional baby gates, this one is both stylish and loaded with exquisite features.

Summer Infant’s pressure mounted baby gate has extensions, which can be neatly adjusted to suit the opening. You can move the position of the arched door easily. This means the door can be installed anywhere, with the design and look of your home intact.

This pressure-mounted gate from Summer Infant can be transformed into a permanently mounted gate too! Doesn’t this sound like a great benefit? With time, if you want to keep the arched door fixed to the stairway, doorway or hall, you can do so. This is not a specific feature to look for. But, if you are interested in this idea, go ahead and try it out.

The Benefits
Great benefits of the Summer Infant’s baby gate would be:

  • The gate is stylish and extremely beautiful. It will complement the overall look of your home.
  • You can handle the gate with a single hand.
  • The door features an auto-close option.
  • The door is bi-directional. It has a doorstop that is optional.
  • The door is sold with optional hardware that allows permanent mounting.

The Drawbacks
Unfortunately, this stunning looking baby gate from Summer Infant has few drawbacks. For example, its door opening is narrow. And, the gaps are wide. This means small pets can run through easily.

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