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What Kind of Baby Gate Parts Do I Need?

If you’re considering purchasing a Summer Infant Gate, you might be wondering what kind of parts you need. Summer Infant gates are designed to accommodate a variety of different situations and are available in many different materials. If you’re looking for a gate that fits stairs and banisters, you’ll be pleased to know that you can purchase baseboard and stair mounting kits to mount the Summer Multi-Decorative Extra Tall Baby Gate. four panel fire place gate

One of the most popular gates, the Regalo 192″ super wide gate, typically $90, uses a unique locking system that requires parents to manually push down on two latch tabs and pull up on the gate. This gate can be configured in any configuration, from a triangle to an octogon shape. If you’re worried that your baby might be able to climb up the gate, you may want to consider an octogon-shaped model. best affordable double stroller

Another type of gate is the pressure-mounted model. These use tension rods to secure the gate. This style is a good option for rental homes or for traveling. Because of their pressure-mounted design, they can be installed by one or two people in seconds. There are two styles of summer infant gates: pressure-mounted and hinged. If you need to move the gate in between residences, the pressure-mounted style is the best option.