summer infant baby gate

Keep Your Child Safe With a Summer Infant Baby Gate

A Summer Infant baby gate is a decorative way to keep your child safe during the summer months. Made of durable oak wood and metal, it is designed for one-handed operation. The extra-wide gate swings in either direction, providing a safe barrier to doorways and hallways. Its height is 30 inches and its width ranges from thirty to sixty inches. This is a great barrier for any area in your home. If you’re going to use it on stairs, you might want to get one with a hardware mount. child safety gate for fireplace

The Summer Infant baby gate is designed for the top of stairs, but it’s versatile enough for other areas, such as doorways. It has a comfort grip for one-handed opening, as well as a stopper. It also comes with universal-banister-mounting kits, which prevent you from drilling your stairs. The gate is available in an antique oak finish to complement your home decor. Besides, it’s easy to set up and install.

This gate is designed to be installed into a wood bannister, with the optional baseboard extension kit to increase its height. It has a sturdy design, and will not topple over as your child grows. You’ll love the safety your baby receives. The gate is sturdy and won’t topple over as your little one grows. The gate is also easy to take down when needed. This makes it a great option for stairs and banisters.

If you’re considering purchasing a Summer Infant baby gate for your child, it’s a great idea to consider how many years the manufacturer has been in business. Depending on how often you take your baby out, this gate will keep your home and belongings safe. It’s ideal for traveling with a stroller or baby walker, but be sure to watch for small children, too. They might try to climb or push the gate. And while summer infant gates are generally sturdy, there’s nothing worse than having to open and close it constantly.

A Summer Infant retractable baby gate is another good option for wide doorways. With eight adjustable panels, the gate can cover an opening of up to 19 square feet. These gates are also safe for outdoor use, as they’re made of durable steel. They’re also made with safety locks for added security. You can also lock the gate when your baby is outside. It’s important to choose a gate that your child will be happy to open.

A Summer Infant multi-purpose wood gate is a good choice if you’ve got stairs. Not only will this baby gate prevent your child from falling down the stairs, but you can also install it in a stairway for extra protection. Its triple locking system will ensure your baby’s safety while he or she is playing. Besides, the gate has a door stopper for added safety. The hardware is securely mounted to prevent the baby from falling through the gate.