The Best Diapers For Babies Under 2 Years

The Best Diapers for children under 2 years old

There are lots of items that make things easier for parents with toddlers. Diapers are some of these items, which you should add to your baby essentials list. Babies need diapers—a lot of diapers.

Interestingly, they can use up to 10 pieces a day. That means you need to stock them to avoid unwanted inconveniences and disappointments.

Today, most parents have a challenge in choosing the right diapers for their babies because of the various diaper brands we have in the market.

This post will help you find the best diaper for your child, as well as discuss some of the best parent-approved diaper brands.

Types of Baby Diapers

Best Diapers for Babies

Before buying a baby diaper, you need to consider the type that suits your lifestyle best. With that, let’s look at the different types of baby diapers to help you choose the best diapers as per your need.

Cloth diapers

Cloth nappies require a lot of work—both to get on your baby and increase the load size of your laundry too.

However, they can save you a lot of money, especially if you want to use them for more than one baby.

The major benefit of cloth nappies is that you can reuse them. A disposable diaper is most likely to be harmful for the environment, considering that over 20 billion go to landfills every year. So, nappies made of cloth are the best option for eco-minded parents.

Disposable diapers

These are ideal for parents who love convenience. A disposable diaper goes on easily, and it fits well as long as you use the right size.

That means you have fewer chances of leaks when you use disposable diapers. The main priority in the manufacture of today’s diaper is premium absorbency, so that your little one can sleep through the night without any fear of blowouts—even when they are wet. Now-a-days, may top brands claim to produce the best disposable diapers, with high absorbency, wetness indicator and great fit.

A disposable diaper is also easy to use when traveling since you will dispose it when you are done.

However, this comes with a major challenge. As I have mentioned the threat that it may impose on nature is huge. Although, it provides convenience, but that comes with a high price. Relying on disposable diapers may seem affordable at first, but in the long run, it can cost you thousands more as compared to cloth diapers.

Organic diapers

Organic labels make parents feel reassured and comfortable, particularly when it comes to something to put on a baby’s bum.

However, you should note that there’s no brand that offers pure organic baby diapers. Most brands providing organic diapers use eco-friendly products, like wood pulp produced from sustainable trees such as bamboo, as well as green production methods.

Most of today’s diapers, whether manufactured with plant-based materials or not, no longer use chlorine or latex when bleaching the wood pulp, keeping them eco-friendly.

Scented vs. unscented

Some brands normally contain fragrances to hide the unpleasant smells. These brands claim that the percentage that they store is low, and it cannot cause irritation or diaper rash to a baby’s skin.

Although no research has proven otherwise, if your child has a delicate skin, or you are not comfortable using a diaper with extra fragrance, unscented diapers can be the best choice.

Best Diapers for Babies

Tips to choose the Best Diapers for Babies

Just like with all other baby items, you will need to try different diaper brands before determining the best option for your child.

You can consider various factors while choosing a diaper such as its absorbency, cost, how premium and hypoallergenic it is and how much protection does it offer. Once you identify the best option, it’s advisable that you register for a subscription delivery, and capitalize on the discounts that every other famous brand offers.

Some Factors to Take Care Of

The following are a few factors to consider when buying a diaper for your baby:

Adjustable and reusable tabs

When the diaper does not have a wetness indicator, these essential features come in handy when trying to peek to see if your baby is wet. They also help parents to get the best diaper fit.

Pocketed waistband

These pockets located on the back panel of the diaper help to contain the poop. Pocketed waistbands are a lifesaver for parents who deal with blowouts regularly.

Wetness indicator

A wetness indicator is a set of lines that change color when your little one wets the diaper. Wetness indicator comes in handy, especially during the first few weeks when parents try to learn the baby’s patterns.


As mentioned above, a light scent can help to hide the unpleasant smells, although most parents prefer diapers that do not contain fragrance.

Diaper size

The correct diaper fit is essential for the comfort of your baby. If the diaper is too tight, the elastic leg openings can cause irritation to the baby’s delicate skin. Using oversized diapers, on the other hand, can cause leaks. Therefore, you should follow the guidelines printed on the packaging for complete leak protection.

Environmental impact

Even if you choose the best disposable diaper, chances are that you may ultimately harm the environment. If you are an eco-minded parent, consider choosing a diaper made with plant based materials, such as bamboo pulp, in the most eco-friendly way possible. In this way, nature can stay pure and green.

Be cautious with absorbency weight claims

Some brands claim to be super absorbent since they can hold a certain percentage of their weight. However, you should understand that almost all diaper brands can store more weight than they should. So, what matters the most is how fast and effective their fluid absorbency is. Besides, a diaper capable of holding extra quantity without any leaks, such as overnight diapers that provide protection for over 12 hours are a bit bulkier.

Buy your diapers in bulk

Buying diapers in bulk is not a waste. To be honest, one thing you should note is that you will need a lot of them for your newborn, and buying them in bulk saves you time and is cost-friendly too.

Top Chosen Diapers by Brand and Categories

So, are you ready to choose the best diaper for your baby? The following are the top diaper brands that we’ve chosen for you. These include great choices for night time use, high absorbency for leak protection, price, skin sensitivity of newborn babies, and others.

Best Overall – Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers are tried-and-tested baby nappies, which have won the What to Expect Award for three years in a row. And why is this? These Pampers are super absorbent and their target is to protect your baby’s skin by absorbing all the moisture.

In addition, Pampers Swaddlers are hypoallergenic, making them one of the best diapers for newborns with sensitive skin. So, you shouldn’t be worried about your baby developing a diaper rash when you use pampers because they are soft and quite gentle to the baby’s delicate skin. Pampers Swaddlers are made highly absorbent promising protection from leaks of up to 12 hours, which makes Pampers Swaddlers one the best choices for overnight use. Moreover, Pampers Swaddlers come with a really affordable price tag making it to the top of the overall best diapers for newborns.

Most Hydrating – Up & Up Diapers

When choosing maternity clothes and onesies, don’t forget to get some of these nappies by the famous brand named Target. For a pocket-friendly cost, you will enjoy most of the benefits that top and high-price diaper brands offer—a breathable outer cover, adjustable tabs, quilted absorbent core, and no chlorine, parabens, sulfates, perfumes, dyes, or petroleum. Please note that Up & Up Diapers have vitamin E and aloe to keep your baby’s soft skin hydrated.

Most Absorbent Diapers – Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers

The Huggies Little Snugglers nappy has a mark for the back and front, a little additional pocket that prevents poop from escaping, as well as a wetness indicator that changes color when the diaper gets dirty.

Further, the Huggies Little Snugglers have an easy-to-stick Velcro, which isn’t scratchy. These features are an addition to the Huggies gentle-absorb liner. Also, these nappies are soft and latex/fragrance-free, which makes them a great option for parents to have for their child.

Lastly, it comes in various cute designs. Specifically, the Winnie the Pooh designed Little Snugglers attracts most parents.

Best For a Newborn – Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers

Luvs is a great brand, and it is famous for its quality nappies for newborns that come at a pocket-friendly price.

Most parents love the Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diaper because of the triple protection at the core and sides of the diapers to prevent the possibility of leaks.

Besides protecting from any leak, the Luvs Ultra Leakguard Diapers have large tabs, which ensure a perfect fit for your newborn. Parents also love their Nightlock protection, which functions just as promised.

Most Adorable – The Honest Company Diapers 

The Honest Company makes diapers that are made out of eco-friendly and sustainable, plant-based materials. Besides, they are free of latex, lotion, and fragrance and are not processed using chlorine.

One notable thing with these diapers is that they can hold up to 17x of their weight. For example, being 0.2 lbs, it can hold up to 3.4 lbs . Further, they have a super soft and breathable lining, which ensures your baby’s bum is protected.

Apart from this, their extra adorable prints—think of trains, strawberries, bamboo, giraffes, and limited edition lemons, bunnies, and blooms.

Although the Honest Company Diapers are a bit more costly than other diaper brands, making a subscription can save you lots of money.

Most Affordable – Parent’s Choice Diapers

Parents who have used the Parent’s Choice Diapers for newborns can agree on how they are awesome for their little ones. Besides, these baby diapers cost less and are perfume-free, as well as hypoallergenic.

Best for Overnight use – Mama Bear Diapers

The Mama Bear Diapers come with stretchy sides, flexile leg cuffs, absorbent core, as well as high-waist pocketed back, which traps poop.

These features target high comfort and perfect fit. These diapers are also hypoallergenic and provide up to 12 hours of leak protection.

Best overnight diapers – Mama Bear Diapers

The Mama Bear Diapers comes with stretchy sides, flexile leg cuffs, as well as high-waisted pocketed back, which traps poop. These features allow the Mama Bear Diapers to fit comfortably and fit perfectly. The diapers are also hypoallergenic and provide up to 12 hours of leak protection.

Best Eco-Friendly Diapers – Bambo Nature Diapers

Bambo Nature Diapers are ideal for parents dedicated to living a green lifestyle. However, be prepared to pay more if you choose to use these diapers.

Bambo Nature Diapers are the best option for parents who use cloth but are looking for best disposable diapers for overnight use or when traveling.

These diapers are free of chlorine, fragrance all known allergens. Moreover, they are manufactured through a sustainable process, using plant based materials like bamboo pulp, and this has earned the Bambo Nature Diapers the Nordic Swan Eco Label.

Best Diapers for Babies with sensitive skin – Seventh Generation Diapers

The Seventh Generation Diapers are not only fragrance-free; they are made out of sustainably sourced materials, and the ink used to print the designs on the diapers is lead-free.

The diapers have a FreshAir breathable layer, and a soft and absorbent core, which pulls away from any humidity from the baby’s skin. An honest opinion, you can definitely rely on the Seventh Generation Diapers to keep your little one as rash-free and comfortable as possible.

Best natural diapers – Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers

The Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers are free of latex, chlorine, fragrances, and petroleum-based lotions. However, the baby diapers have the brand’s signature NeoNourish seed oil, black cumin, cranberry, sunflower, a blend of tomato, as well as raspberry seed oils, which help in keeping your baby’s skin hydrated. The Babyganics Ultra Absorbent Diapers are ultra-soft and with extra contours.

Best Big Box Club Diapers – Kirkland Signature Diapers

The Kirkland brand doesn’t disappoint when it comes to making diapers for a newborn baby. Just like all the other diapers by this brand, the Kirkland Signature Diapers have a pocket waistband, as well as a wetness indicator. This wetness indicator proves to be a gem for many new parents. When you choose to use the Kirkland Signature Diapers, the cases of nasty blowouts will be something of the past.


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