Until what age baby gates

When to Remove Baby Gates From Your Home

When to remove baby gates from your home? The age of your child will determine when to remove them. As your child grows, he or she will understand that safety rules need to be followed and that baby gates are not necessary. At this age, your child will also begin to exist without them. The following article will help you decide when to take down baby gates from your home. Keep reading for more information! And don’t forget to check the JPMA certification! Remove Baby Gates

until what age baby gates


As of December 2018, there have been five recalls of baby gates and one of the most common types of child enclosures, known as “baby gates”. In total, the CPSC has recalled 1,318,180 units, resulting in one of the highest rate of injuries for any child safety product. The incidents reported included entrapment, fall, tripping, and laceration hazards. Thirteen of the injuries were reported to be life-threatening or fatal. baby hearth gate

Places to install

You have many places to install baby gates in your home. You can install them at the top and bottom of stairs, inside the door frame, and even in drywall. The key to installing a gate is to ensure that it does not interfere with the drywall, as well as any electric lines or metal parts. To do this, you need to locate the studs and use a stud finder to ensure that you don’t drill into these areas. You should also make sure that the wall mounting kit that you’ll be installing will not interfere with it.


There are many options for height of baby gates. You can choose to install them on the floor, or to mount them on the wall. While the height of a gate is very important, it should also be installed in the right location. Some gates are taller than others and are best suited for high traffic areas. Nonetheless, you should be aware of the safety issues associated with this style. This article discusses some tips that can help you find the right height baby gate.

JPMA certification

Parents need not worry about safety when purchasing baby gates. Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification ensures that the gates meet rigorous safety standards. This certification ensures compliance with federal and state child safety laws. Products certified by the JPMA also meet rigorous testing requirements by independent laboratories. As such, it is a valuable resource for parents who want to purchase safe gates. The following are steps to choose the right product for your child.

Placement on stairs

The first concern parents have with gates is placement at the bottom of stairs. The gates at the bottom of stairs are inconvenient to operate and can even be dangerous for parents with babies in arms. In addition, the gates at the bottom of stairs are also unsightly, requiring an adult to bend over to open them. The bottom of the stairs can also be dangerous for children as they can climb on the outside edges.

Placement on furniture

Until your child is mobile, you do not need to install a baby gate on your furniture. Most babies begin crawling and rolling over from around four to six months of age. Some, however, skip the crawling and walking stage altogether. Therefore, you should only place baby gates on furniture if your child is still a baby. Once your child has outgrown the need for a baby gate, you can gradually remove it from your furniture.

Placement in your home

One question that may be on your mind is the best place to use baby gates in your home until what age. Experts recommend keeping the baby gates up until the child is at least 6 months old. Once they start crawling, the gates are no longer needed. After that, however, they will be more of a nuisance than an aid. Depending on the child, they might even learn to open and climb over them.

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