wall nanny baby gate wall protector

Wall Nanny Baby Gate Wall Protector

A Wall Nanny baby gate is a simple, yet effective way to protect your walls and prevent damage to your baby gate. This wall protector comes in six different colors and sits flush against the floor, eliminating the gap between the gate and the floor. Its hard plastic body and soft rubber backing help to provide extra stability for walk-through retractable baby gates. You can purchase them separately or buy a combination of both. wood stove baby fence

This versatile wall protection is an ideal choice for pressure mounted baby gates, and it helps keep your walls and baseboards safe. It also enhances the stability of your gate by sitting flush to the floor, preventing gaps that are too wide for your little one to reach. Because the wall protector is patented, it can sit flush against the wall and prevent the gate from toppling over and damaging baseboards. As a result, Wally Nanny has earned over five hundred thousand positive customer reviews. chicco double stroller

Another useful feature of Wall Nanny baby gate wall protectors is the fact that they are easy to install and remove. To install one, all you need to do is place the protective cups between the pressure screws and the wall. The wall cups hold the gate in place until you remove it. They don’t leave any marks on the walls, which means that you can enjoy peace of mind while using your gate. The new baby gate wall cups will make sure your walls are safe and clean.

When it comes to removing the baby gate, a wall cup is a great way to protect the wall from gouges and holes caused by screws. Unlike traditional wall-mounting hardware, wall cups can be easily removed and are a mess-free option. The Vmaisi Circular Baby Gate Wall Cups come in several colors and provide secure footing for your gate without leaving a mark on the wall. This wall protection is ideal for doors that have narrow trims or shower rods.