What Baby Gates to Use If You Have Trim Molding?

If you’ve got trim molding in your home, you might be wondering what type of baby gates to use. This article provides a brief overview of four popular gates and their pros and cons. Qdos is an easy-to-install gate that comes with baseboard adapters and two screws on either side. It can be mounted on stairs and banisters, too, though you may need to buy a separate kit. Qdos gates feature a one-handed sliding mechanism, and have a horizontal bracing piece for extra support. Baby gates for dogs

Evenflo’s Ready to Install Gate

If you have trim molding on your walls, even the smallest gaps may become noticeable. For these situations, the Ready to Install Gate from Evenflo is an excellent choice. This product comes with a kit to secure it to the walls with screws. The kit also includes the trim molding you’ll need to install the gate on. For this project, you’ll need to use two screws per side. You can also get baseboard adapters and stair mounting kits. Lastly, even the smallest gaps are easy to fit into, thanks to the sliding thumb mechanism and horizontal bracing piece. fireplace gate baby safety

Besides its ease of installation, Evenflo’s Ready to Install gate is adjustable, so it will fit doorways between 31 inches and 33 inches. It has a patented “stay open” feature, which means it will stay open even if it is closed for some time. The swing gate can be installed at the top of a staircase or at the top of the staircase, which makes it useful for many situations.

Regalo’s Stairway Special

For the best protection of your kids, consider a stair gate. You can find a number of different types for different staircases. You can choose a stair gate with a low threshold, one with a high threshold, a spiral stairgate, or a multi-story staircase. You can choose a gate with low thresholds or one that is swinging, but remember to buy a gate with two walls on each side of the staircase.

North States Supergate

The North States Supergate is an easy swing and lock metal gate that fits openings up to 28” wide and 48” high. This gate swings out of the way when not in use, and it’s 31” tall. It also comes with all the mounting hardware necessary to install it. Its decorative matte bronze finish and durable metal construction make it an attractive gate, and it serves as a cat barrier as well.


If you have trim molding in your home, you can use a baby gate that’s specifically designed for that area. The BabySafe baby gate is an example of this kind of baby gate, and it is popular among consumers. It fits doorways that are between 29 and 42 inches wide, and it has an adjustable swing door. This type of gate also does not require a trip bar or trip stop mechanism, which can be an issue with hardware-mounted baby gates.

If you have molding in your home, you may be concerned about how to install the gate. A good way to solve this problem is to raise the gate so that it sits flush against the wall. If you have uneven molding, you can also fold a piece of paper and fit it into the gap. This way, the gate will look flush against the wall, and no small animals will be able to get through it.

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