What Kind of Baby Gates Can You Put on Steps With Bilevel House

what kind of baby gates can you put on steps with bilevel house

Regardless of your house’s bilevel structure, there are plenty of options for installing baby gates on your steps. While some are more secure than others, all gates are safe for your child. Some gates are designed to be movable, while others are not. When choosing a baby gate, consider where you’ll use the stairs before purchasing one. If stairs are a high-traffic area, you’ll need a swinging gate or a walk-through gate. Baby Gates

When putting a baby gate on your steps, keep in mind that you’ll need to consider the design and size of your stairs and railings. Some gates can be mounted to balusters, while others require mounting adaptor kits that screw into the wall. This method is more secure but may take up several inches of the opening. However, if you’re going to place the gate over the middle of the first step, you’ll need to consider how close the gate is to the railing. Baby gate information

Hardware-mounted baby gates are the safest type to install on stairs. They use screws to mount the gate on the steps’ banister. These are also the best choices for top-of-the-stairs placement because they don’t pose a risk of falling down. While there are other styles of gates, hardware-mounted gates are recommended for most homes. They’re also the cheapest option. gate around fireplace

Some extra-wide baby gates are designed for top-of-stairs use. You’ll be able to find one that fits at least 29.5 inches in height. These gates can be installed at various angles and will fit stairways as wide as 27 inches. Despite their size, they’re still sturdy and designed with stairs in mind. They’re also typically two-thirds the height of the stairs.

When choosing a baby gate for a bilevel house, make sure to consider the height and width of your stairs. This will ensure that your baby is securely restrained. You don’t want them to fall through the wall and hurt themselves. Thankfully, there are a variety of options available for a wide-open stairwell or railing scenario. Those with extra-tall baseboards will be able to find something that suits their home’s style.

No matter which type of baby gate you choose, it’s a great idea to keep your little one safe. Baby gates are meant to keep your little one from falling down stairs, so putting one on your steps will give you peace of mind and prevent accidents from happening. Choose gates that fit your stairs the best because they are generally larger than your baby’s height. And remember that it’s perfectly normal to have smaller children later in life.