What Kind of Baby Gates Can You Put on Steps With Split Entry House

What Kind of Baby Gates Can You Put on Steps With Split Entry House?

You’ve probably asked yourself, “What kind of baby gates can you put on steps in a split entry house?” If your home has multiple levels, the answer will likely depend on the design of your stairs. The best place for a gate is on the first step. However, if you have a back staircase, it’s best to avoid placing one there. This is because the gate will interfere with the space that your child can use to put their foot down. If the gate is at the back of the first step, a child could reach through it with a foot and use the step as a foothold. Therefore, manufacturers recommend putting a gate over the middle of the first step. Baby hearth gate

what kind of baby gates can you put on steps with split entry house


The Adapta baby gate is a great option for stairs that don’t have walls. It has a swinging door that closes automatically. It can be placed in any room, and it’s easy to open with one hand. The gate is also very easy to clean. If you’re worried about safety, you can also purchase an area gate to use in rooms without doorways. A safety gate can make your home safer for your baby and your family.


Safety first is a company that creates baby gates that will leave parents with fewer worries. These gates are designed to be mounted more than 30 degrees above the floor level, which can interfere with trim on floorboards. The gates are easy to open and close, with a simple pull or push of the handles. These gates are great for frequent doorway use, and they come in six different widths. However, they do not have a self-closing mechanism, which makes them less suitable for use in unique angles between railings.


A common question asked by parents is whether it’s possible to install Regalo baby gates on steps with a split entry house. First of all, it’s a good idea to install a gate permanently, rather than using pressure mounts, which can be easily fumbled and fail. A top of the stairs gate is designed for this application. It’s designed to be sturdy, and it won’t come off even if your child shoves it or pushes it down.

North States

There are several pros and cons when buying a gate for your house. The North States baby gate offers a refined design and dependable locking mechanism. Its hinge is mounted flush against the wall and allows full-swing opening. Another positive point about this gate is its permanence. Pressure gates require tightening screws at the corner, which looks jarring next to a dark gate. Moreover, it’s not adjustable and cannot be installed at an angle.


You can use a Toddleroo baby gate on your stairs, if your home has a split-entry system. The Integrated Tuning System (ITS) enables you to adjust the gates’ vertical positioning in the event that your walls are not level. The gate’s quick-release wall mount allows you to remove the gate when needed. The gate can be installed in a few different ways, depending on your preference.

Regalo expandable

One of the most convenient features of Regalo expandable baby gates is the ease of installation. The gate stands approximately twenty-three inches tall and is made of high-quality plastic. Its design allows for easy stepping over, and its soft rubber bumpers help prevent slipping. A twist-lock system ensures a secure fit, and it can expand in just a few seconds to fit an opening of up to forty-two inches.


A split entry house may have two entrances, so the baby gate will need to be placed at an angle to one of them. This is especially important if your home has stairs. The gate itself is sturdy and will block any door or opening. It may also require wall anchors to keep it in place. It is ideal for homes with smaller pets or those that have a large yard. There are a few downsides to choosing this type of gate, however.


Pressure-mounted baby gates are great for homes with narrow spaces. They fit easily over narrow openings, while hardware-mounted gates need to be installed on the wall to fit. New homes don’t like to drill holes for hardware-mounted gates, but these can be easily filled with wood putty or wall-patching compound. Besides, installing a pressure-mounted gate on stairs is a much more secure option than drilling holes in the walls.