What Store Sells Accordian Type Baby Gates

Choosing Accordion Type Baby Gates

When looking for an accordion-style baby gate, there are some considerations that you should make. Some of these factors include height, frame, safety seals, and cost. Below, we’ll go over the factors that you should consider when making this important purchase. Remember: safety is the most important consideration, so you must do your research and do not purchase something based solely on price. Instead, look for one that meets the three criteria listed above. Baby Gates Sale

what store sells accordian type baby gates

Safety seals

In the U.S., the Consumer Product Safety Commission reached an agreement with six manufacturers of accordion type baby gates over safety concerns. The commission believes the V-shaped top edge and diamond-shaped openings pose a potential strangulation risk. These gates are commonly used to prevent children and infants from entering a room and can be dangerous, even fatal. Thankfully, manufacturers have since begun to implement safety seals on accordion gates, and the Commission is investigating whether to require this new feature. baby gate fireplace

A good sign of a safe gate is a sticker that states that it’s certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Look for a JPMA sticker on the packaging and frame to ensure the product meets the standards for safety. If the gate is certified by JPMA, it meets international voluntary safety standards that address several aspects of child safety, including the size of openings and latch integrity.


Accordian type baby gates are available in a variety of heights and styles. These gates are commonly referred to as safety gates. The guidelines for safety gates stipulate that the gate must be at least 22 inches high, with a minimum clearance of three inches from the floor. This is to prevent a small child’s torso from passing through, as well as minimize the risk of a child’s head or neck getting caught inside.

These gates are meant for use between six months and two years old. When shopping for one, make sure to measure the width of the opening, top of stairs, and doorway, and make sure it fits properly. Keep in mind that accordion-style gates are not recommended for use with toddlers, as the wide Vs and diamond-shaped openings can trap a baby’s head and cause choking. When purchasing a new gate, check for the ASTM/JPMA certification to ensure that it meets the safety requirements.


Choosing a frame for accordian type baby gates is not just a matter of aesthetics. The gate should be sturdy enough to prevent your toddler from falling down stairs or onto hard surfaces. For instance, if the gate is going up a staircase, it is important to buy a pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted version. If you need to use the gate on a smaller area, such as a doorway, you should choose a pressure-mounted model.

When choosing a frame for accordian type baby gates, you should choose one that has a retraction mechanism and a double-locking door. The door swings both ways, and its integrated handle makes it easy to open. The gate is wide enough to prevent your child from tripping through it, which is especially important if they are still very young. You can purchase a wall mount for a smaller gate so that it can be stored away when not in use.


When choosing a gate for your baby’s room, consider the cost of safety, size, and design. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certifies that children’s products are safe, but that doesn’t mean that the gate is a perfect fit. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association’s website and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s site are both good resources for information on the safety of kids’ products. The following prices are accurate at the time of writing.

Accordion-style gates are not the safest gates available. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, they pose a strangulation hazard to young children. In a study, the CPSC found that two of six known manufacturers of these gates were guilty of a hazard related to strangulation. According to the CPSC, children can become entrapped in these gates and suffer a life-threatening condition known as arachnoedema.

Places to buy

If you want to keep your child from accidentally falling down the stairs, you can install an accordian gate in your stairs. It can be as narrow as 30 inches or as wide as 48 inches. These gates are typically mounted one inch above the floor. They can fit most openings from 31″ to 47″. You can easily install them by using the included wall cups and telescopic screws. Moreover, you can mount the gates easily with the help of double-sided mounting tapes.

When purchasing accordian gates, you should look for a gate with a safety seal from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Ensure that it passes the standards set by the JPMA and is certified by a third-party lab. In addition, it should be able to expand to fit different openings. It should also have even finish and retain its pressure for a long time. A good quality product will come with a warranty.

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