When Baby Gates & Happy Boys?

A baby gate can prevent a serious fall, especially for children who are able to climb stairs. Young babies love to pull themselves up into precarious positions, and stairs are a beacon of temptation for them. This article covers some tips for placing a baby gate at the bottom of stairs, and installing a walk-through gate. In addition, we’ll discuss the importance of using a gate lock, and how to install a walk-through gate around a weight set. Baby gates with door

Installing a baby gate at the bottom of stairs

If you have banisters, consider pressure-mount gates. They are easy to install and require only one-handed latching. They swing both ways and close automatically. You can even choose a gate that has a threshold at the bottom. There are plenty of gates available that are perfect for stairs. If you don’t have banisters, consider purchasing a gate that doesn’t need any threshold at all. gate for fireplace

Using a walk-thru gate

Using a walk-through gate for a high-traffic doorway can be an easy way to keep your boy safe and happy. There are many different styles to choose from, and you don’t have to cut holes in your walls to use one. You can use pressure-mounted gates for stairways or the gate that can swing open in both directions in a doorway. Evenflo Walk-Thru Baby Gates are the perfect choice for everyday high-traffic doorways. They are adjustable from 30″ to 48″ wide and include a safety hardware mount attachment and a one-hand latch. This gate is also sturdy and easy to install.

Using a lock on a baby gate

When it comes to latching a baby gate, the best ones use opposing motions. You unlock the gate by pressing down on one or two metal tabs while lifting the other. These tabs are designed to stay loose on the gate and are then locked once the child passes through. Many people choose to purchase gates with multiple locks. You may want to choose a gate with a lock if you have stairs in your home.

Using a baby gate around a weight set

Using a baby gate around a gym or weight set is a safe way to protect your toddler from falling. You should make sure the gate has a three-inch gap from the floor. If you buy the gate outside of the US, it should have a CE mark, which means it has met essential safety standards. You can adjust the board length and angle with the printable plan.

Using a baby gate around a big screen TV

If you’re trying to keep your boy from accidentally bumping into the television set, you should consider using a baby gate around the television set. This device can be secured to a wall, but is not completely safe from breakage. If you’re using it around the television set, you should also consider buying cord covers to protect the exposed wires. You can also purchase furniture straps to secure the TV set to the wall.

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