When to Buy Baby Gates?

As your child grows, you’ll want to give them more freedom and independence. Start by allowing them to explore one section of the home at a time. Then, gradually increase their independence, while still keeping an eye on them. Once your child is accustomed to being free, you can begin to remove the baby gates and allow them to explore the rest of the house unsupervised. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding when to buy baby gates: baby gate fireplace

Safety of accordion-style baby gates

Accordion-style baby gates are great for keeping children safe, but they can also pose a danger if they are not made properly. This article will discuss some of the dangers of this type of gate. The first is that it can entrap a baby’s neck and arms, so it’s important to ensure the safety of your child’s gate before buying one. This will also help you avoid the risks that come with using an accordion-style gate.

Safety of pressure-mounted baby gates

Pressure-mounted baby gates are a good option for homes with low-level fall hazards. Pressure-mounted gates are typically installed in doorways, hallways, and between two walls. Depending on where you want to install your gate, you can choose between pressure-mounted gates or hardware gates. Pressure-mounted gates are commonly available in various widths and heights, so you can find one that fits the space you need.

Safety of hardware-mounted baby gates

Hardware-mounted baby gates are typically the most sturdy and secure option. They do not have a base bar, which makes them harder to install. They open toward the landing. Those in high-risk environments should use hardware-mounted gates. These are generally more expensive than pressure-mounted baby gates, but they are more flexible and will fit uneven walls. If you are considering purchasing hardware-mounted baby gates, here are some things to consider.

Safety of swing-open baby gates

The design of swing-open baby gates has to be secure enough to keep your toddler from getting through. It should be between 2 to 2.5 inches wide and at least three inches from the floor. There are also some complicated trade-offs. While some are designed to open with one hand, others require two. These swing-open gates should be installed at the bottom of stairs. This way, they will not allow your toddler to climb up the stairs.

Safety of older wooden baby gates

If you are considering a new wooden gate, it is important to check its safety features. A good gate should be sturdy with smooth edges and rounded surfaces. Make sure it has a JPMA certification to prevent falls. Also, check its height and width before buying, as some may be too narrow for a toddler. Then, try it out in a store. Ensure that you ask a salesperson to demonstrate how it works and include a warning label.

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