Where Do You Need Baby Gates?

When do you need to put up safety gates? Before your baby starts to crawl, which is usually between six and ten months, but they are most effective when installed before this age. Even with a six-month-old baby, you should start to consider installing safety gates. Baby’s mobility can change in an instant, and they can go from tentative crawling to running across the room. The stairs are particularly important to keep an eye on, as falls from stairs are the most common reason children under two end up in the emergency room. If possible, install safety gates on the top of the stairs, as well. Buy baby gates

Why you need a walk-through gate

A walk-through baby gate is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas, as they do not block views for the entire house. Walk-through gates come in two types. One is a pressure-mounted gate, which requires stepping over it, while the other is a traditional latch-type gate that closes and latches automatically. Pressure-mounted gates are also easier to install than other types, because they do not require drilling into the walls. fireplace gate baby safety

The main pick takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to install, while others took hours to install. The main pick even includes a printed ruler to make measuring a breeze. The only measurement you need to take is the height of the staircase, while the instructions included with other gates were a mess of hieroglyphics. The gate may also be more difficult to open or close with one hand than the main pick.

Problems with accordion-style gates

There are many dangers associated with accordion-style baby gates. Some of these gates are not safe for children under two years old, and they can seriously injure or even kill a child. Even worse, some manufacturers are continuing to produce these dangerous gates, with a November deadline already past. Unfortunately, some of these gates are not safe enough to prevent a child from falling and becoming strangled.

In October 1984, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reached a settlement with six manufacturers of accordion-style baby gates. The agency said these gates pose a potential strangulation hazard to children due to the diamond-shaped openings on the sides and V-shaped top edge. According to the CPSC, seven deaths and 17 near-misses have been associated with accordion-style gates. Other styles of gates, however, do not pose the same danger.

Safety of pressure-mounted baby gates

There are several benefits to installing hardware-mounted baby gates on stairs. The most secure gate is the hardware-mounted type, which leaves no holes in the walls and is the preferred choice for stairways. While pressure-mounted baby gates are a little less secure, they are more flexible. They are ideal for stairways and flat rooms. However, be sure to install the baby gate in a secure location. Here are some important tips to choose the right baby gate for your stairs.

Pressure-mounted gates should be placed at the bottom of stairs and in doorways. It should not be used at the top or bottom of stairs. When installed properly, they should not be dislodged. When choosing a pressure-mounted gate, consider the size and placement of the stairs and the openings where the baby might fall. Make sure to check the safety of the gate periodically to ensure it is still holding securely in place.

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