Where Should Baby Gates Be Placed?

Where should baby gates be placed? The first step in establishing a safe environment for your child is knowing what your routine will be. Depending on the location of the gate, you can mount, remove, or make the barrier semi-permanent. There may be some changes in your habits, but this is all for your child’s safety. For example, if you are prone to leaving the basement unlocked, your child will have less chance to wander out and fall. Information of baby gates

Tip: Don’t place a gate on a stairway

When it comes to safety, a staircase is one of the most dangerous areas in the house, so be sure to choose a sturdy gate that is permanently mounted. There are pressure-mount gates, but be aware that they are likely to break with a good push. In addition, contemporary staircases tend to have only one flat surface and no strong railings. You don’t want your child to fall and get injured, so it’s best to choose a gate that is sturdy enough to withstand a jolt. fireplace child safety gate

Another reason to avoid placing a baby gate on a stairwell is that stairs can be difficult to fit. You might find that the gate is too narrow, too wide, or placed at an awkward angle. Either way, it will not provide the same level of safety you want. In these cases, a pressure-mounted baby gate can be the best option. Nevertheless, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when putting up a baby gate on a stairway.

Don’t place a gate on a garage doorway

When choosing a baby gate for a doorway, you should consider its placement. A garage doorway can be a dangerous place for a child to play, and a gate placed in the doorway can prevent access. It is also harder to open one-handedly. As such, it’s not recommended. If you can’t install the gate properly, it may fall off.

Don’t place a gate on a stairway

When installing a stair gate, remember that you don’t want it to overhang the steps. This gap could be dangerous for a child. The best option is to place a hardware-mounted gate on the stairway. A pressure-mounted gate is not recommended for use on stairs. Unlike hardware-mounted gates, pressure-mounted gates swing one way, away from the stairs.

To properly fit a stair gate, first measure the space. Measure the width and length of the stairway and choose a gate that fits the space. Stair gates are usually standard size, but this may not be the case. To be safe, choose one that fits snugly and securely. The stairway is not the same width as the gate, so a measurement of the entire space is important.

Don’t place a gate on a walk-through doorway

A 3′ walk-through doorway with a long gate can create the perfect combination for this type of opening. If you don’t want to install a fence or gate, you can use a removable post to secure the gate in place. When it comes to placing the gate, make sure the opening is wide enough to allow for the latch to be lowered for easy access.

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